plants styling

Hello again! There’s a special feeling you get when you walk into a room filled with greenery and it will make you calm and smile. Don’t you agree? I personally love to decorate my home with pot plants and other cute items! For me, home is my happy place, the place where I get to… Continue reading plants styling



First of all, happy new year to all of you! May 2021 will be a better year than 2020, let's hope!! I know I've been hiatus for such a long time on this platform. Not much to catch up tho. If you follow me on my Instagram you've probably known that I am doing self… Continue reading twenty21


chocolate banana bread

Hi friends, I probably have more than one banana bread recipes so far 😝 The other day I was craving something chocolatey and something banana. I looked at my fruit bowl I had couple of very ripped bananas. So, the searching for chocolate banana cake or bread recipes were on. And I found this recipe… Continue reading chocolate banana bread

this mama's life

it’s ok not to be ok

Last week was R U OK day in Australia, a day that you got a reminder to spare a bit of your busy life to check in on your mates, your neighbour, your colleagues, your best friend or your loved ones, check in on those around you. It's anyone and everyone you may encounter in… Continue reading it’s ok not to be ok


living with plants

Hello friends! Let’s talk about plants! Because at the moment, looks like every single person that I know, is into plants! I noticed, since the covid-19 lockdown, people are into plants so much. Some people that I know, used to not into plants before, now they have almost every plants on the planet😀 Which is… Continue reading living with plants

random stuff

the curse of social media

Hello friends! How have you been?  I hope each of you is well, healthy physically and mentally, and safe where ever you are.   Since my last post which was in April, things are getting much better here in Western Australia.  Schools are open as well as restaurants and gym/yoga/sport activities. It feels almost back to… Continue reading the curse of social media

random stuff

Liebster award 2020

Hi hi friends! Ternyata saya dapat Liebster Award dari Beth dwong, terima kasih ya Beth dan maaf kalau lumayan lama membalasnya. Ini adalah Liebser Award saya yang kedua, yang pertama adalah dulu kala tahun 2014 bisa dibaca disini. Liebster Award ini adalah penghargaan kepada sesama blogger, selain untuk memperkenalkan blogger baru, juga untuk menjalin keakraban satu… Continue reading Liebster award 2020



My darling boys, You are sixteen years young today! I feel just yesterday we celebrated your 15th birthday, a year just went so quick. I can’t believe that you are 16 today, no way! There’s time that I wish you were still little boys in kindy or primary. Those times were sweet and gold. You… Continue reading sixteen


dear bali you make my heart smile

Hello friends! This is my first blog post in 2020!! Although a bit too late but still I wanted to wish you a happy new year😜😜 May 2020 will bring better luck in everything we do and also a good health 🙏🏼🙏🏼 The boys and I just recently got back from the island of paradise… Continue reading dear bali you make my heart smile

random stuff

the reason for the season

I hope it's not too late to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrated it!  I wish you had a wonderful time with the people you love, people you don't see very often.  Because that what Christmas is.  Time to spend with your family and to cherish being together, time to share the love. I… Continue reading the reason for the season