what we did last summer

Hello peeps!

How have you been doing?  I’ve been very busy with life so far, and summer is gone in a blink of an eye!  Well, it’s autumn in this part of the world, though the temperature hasn’t dropped yet, we are still in our 20nish so far but at least it’s much cooler in the evening now.  And longer days become short, light turns dark and we move from outdoors to indoors.

Anyhow, this is a late post but I thought before summer is really gone I must publish it.  So, in January we went to Albany for couple days.  The main purpose was for my boys to do the surf life country carnival which was held in Albany’s main beach the Middleton.  Albany is  about 4 hours drive from Perth.  We stayed in a cottage at the caravan park, no camping this time! 🙂

We had lotsa fun playing and exploring the area, swimming, fishing, snorkling, and hiking.  My highlight was when we had to hike Porongurup National Park.  The hike or walk wasn’t that easy, it required scrambling over rocks and climbing a ladder to finally get to the Granite Skywalk.  But it ‘s worth it because the view from the top of the Castle Rock is spectacular!


Attached is a vlog about our fun time in Albany and some pictures as well. Warning, it’s a bit long and it may bore you.  Apologise for the shaky movements as I was trying to balance between walking on the rocks and recording, I’m not that pro yet!  Personally, I think vlogging is very time consumed from uploading, editing, etc, etc, that sometimes makes me wonder what the heck am I doing.  So, please like, comment, subscribe, etc, yessss….I’m bullying you into it!  Hahaaaaa……of course not, I’m only joking!  But I would appreciate much if you do though 🙂


Hope you all have a good week!

Take care,


summer loving

Hi everyone…it’s been a while since my last post.  Well, I’ve been busy with life being ups and downs.  Some days it’s ok another day it’s throwing me with lots of not so pleasant surprises.  Anyhow, I’m hanging here and praying and believing that all of these will pass, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

So, despite all of the dramas in my life at the moment,  I am actually loving the month of February.  Not only because it’s my birth month and Valentine, but also it’s the shortest month of the year as you all knew, and it’s summer in this part of my world.  And this year the summer is so mild, fingers cross it will stay like this.  As far as I can remember, Perth only has two or three days being 39/40 degree while the rest is around 28nish.  Though last week we had very humid and sticky weather, just like in Indonesia, weird!

This February I’m a year older than last year.  I didn’t have plan to celebrate my birthday this year, so when my dearest and nearest girlfriends surprised me with birthday brunch at my fave cafe near the beach, I was so touched.  I didn’t even think they would remember my birthday, so it was really really a nice surprised and I’m grateful.  See, it’s not all Indonesians living abroad are “unbearable” to be friends with, you just have to choose the right circle and stick with it 🙂

On Valentine’s day I hosted a simple lunch for a small group of friends.  One of my good friend who lives in Bali visited Perth for a short period, so I thought a good catch up with the rest of the gang would be good.  We also went to see Mr. Christian Grey and Ms. Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades Darker, we had a good laugh and great night!

Despite the fun I had with my friends, this mama also had a proud moment and it was a double gift for my birthday.  One of my boy got an excellent academic award for 2016 together with 15 other students of year 7, yaay….thank you Lord.  We spent this February month with some sports commitment too.  Country swimming carnival at Harvey, though that day was kinda horrible, it was pouring rain and so windy and thunderstorm but the race was on.  Twin #1 got some silvers and bronzes, not really at his best, but it was ok.  Then the next day after we had State Qualifier for surf life saving club.  Twin #2 got into a state time for Iron man while #1 got time for Swim Race.

The rest of last week, we spent it at the beach and a short drove to Swan valley area to see the river over flowing.

Hope you all have a good day and enjoy my short video below that capturing most of what I’ve been doing for the month of February!

Laters baby 🙂



hello jakarta!


Last December my family and I went to Indonesia, Jakarta precisely, to spend Christmas with my mother and brother.  I know it’s a bit late to write about this, but as life gets a bit busy  here I finally managed to post this now.  Like the saying, better late than never….

Anyway my boys and I flew together, for hubby still got work to finish.  He came five days later and left a day earlier before us.  Six days is enough for him, since he doesn’t like Jakarta.  He doesn’t like the crazy traffic jam, the pollution, and no beaches or parks nearby, and he is not into shopping malls and night life 🙂  We stayed at my mother’s house, it was the first time the boys staying at their Oma’s house since my mother moved to a new house three years ago.

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gift away winners

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I’ve been MIA after my last post.  Life has been pretty full on lately.  Now that the long summer holiday comes to end, kids are back to school, and we are all back to the daily routines, I am looking forward to find some time alone in peace and quiet to blog.  I have couple stories to share with you but one thing at the time, okay👌🏻

I’m flattered with all responses I got from you all on my last post .  Thank you to each of you who had spared your time to answer.  Most of you answered the questions right, only a little bit mistake on the breed of my four legged buddy.  Yes, my dog’s name is Sammy and he’s a Golden Retriever crossed  German Shepperd.

I appreciate all your feed back on what you would like me to write on this blog.  Some of you would like me to post about my daily life, which actually I often blog about it, you can check them on ” this mama’s life” where I mostly whine and moan about my daily life as a mama.  As for beauty tips and fashion, parenting, life in Australia, raising twins, hobby, travelling, and recipe, I will try to post them every now and then.

Without further ado here are the lucky six :

  1. https://christabercerita.com/
  2. https://nonikhairani.com/
  3. https://forthefirsttimeandforever.wordpress.com/
  4. https://indonesiainmypocket.wordpress.com/
  5. https://cerita4musim.com/
  6. http://www.denald.com/

I chose the winners based on who had the most right answers, I think it’s fair enough.  So, for the above six people can you please send me your address to: rmahney@westnet.com.au   And can I ask you a little bit favour, when you get the presents can you let me know either by email or private message on socmed please, so that I know you get them safely 🙂

For the rest of you, thanks for participating 🙂

6 years in blogging + giveaway

Apparently according to WordPress, today is marked my six years of blogging with WordPress.  Yaaay, happy birthday to http://www.ohdearria.com I suppose!

In these six years of blogging, I probably just started religiously writing or posting in the last 2 years, I think.  Before that I was on and off, more off than on..tee hee…

So, through blogging for this six years I got to know a lot of people offline.  Few of them I have met, and few of them even though I haven’t seen them in flesh but we bond our friendship through private messages, other social media such as Path and FB. And I am very very grateful to get to know each of you, and I am thankful that you’ve been following this blog, commenting, and liking, and also give your loves through my Instagram as well.

I am trying hard when I’m expressing my point of views or opinions through my writing that I won’t judge people or thing, though sometimes it’s hard and I failed.  I apologize if you’ve ever felt offended by my writing or my comments.

I’m now daring myself by doing this, but what the heck it’s 2017, I gotta start new thing 🙂  I haven’t done this thing so far.  So, here’s the thing…. because it’s six anniversary of this blog I would like to give a little something for six people who comment on this post. I also have six questions for you to answer 🙂

Here they are:

  1.  What city I live?
  2.  What is my dog’s name and what breed is he?
  3. How many children I have?
  4. What do you want me to write more on this blog or what kind of story do you want me to write about?
  5. Should I blog more in bahasa Indonesia?
  6. Should I keep doing my vlog? Will you watch?

Okay that is all, it’s easy peasy right?  I will let you know the six lucky readers on my next post in the first week of February.  Those six people whose answers are all correct or close to, will get ; stationery from Kikki K, a fridget magnet, and a little something from Typo.  I’ll be waiting for your comments until end of January. Oh yeah, knowing I always have low rating for comments, so if I don’t have six people to comment, the first 3 people will get the gifts.

Have fun and once again, thank you very much for reading and following OhdearRia, much love to you all.

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sunny day!

As you probably already know, this part of the world that I live in is having its summer season, unlike most of the rest of the world!  Yeaaahh….it’s weird I know, but I love living in this quiet little city though!

So, today is 37 C degrees…yup it’s freaking hot!  We went to the beach and took our dog too.  As cliche as it sounds, there’s a slogan saying, slip slop, and slap.  Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat, to protect yourself from skin cancer.  I’d also like to add slide on your sunnies because oh dear…that bright sun of summer is really glairy on our eyes!

Wearing sunglasses is important on the hot summer day.  It protects your eyes from the sunshine,  protecting your retina from getting damaged and can help reduce the chance of cataracts.

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2016 travel in pictures

Hi everyone,

Happy new year!  How’s your NYE’s?

Twenty sixteen  has passed, now we open a new chapter of 2017.

I was intending to post this before the new year came but somehow I forgot to publish it.  So, it’s not too late I think that  I would like to share some of my travel pictures during the year of 2016. And so this is my first posting in 2017…yay for me, lol!

I am not a travel blogger, though I wish I was one.   I’d like to see the world, to experience other cultures, climates, food, tradition, and soon.

But money and time are often being my obstacles.  I wish I was filthy rich and had the amount of times to do just travelling without have to think about work and kids.  But of course I can’t.  I am a mother and I love my family.

So guys without further ado here are my 2016 travel highlights.  They may not very interested, but at least I’m grateful that I’ve been able to see a little bit of this world. Check out my You Tube channel, I posted there too.

Happy 2017 everyone!




Hello everyone,

With 2016 having drawn itself to a quiet close in our very warm corner of the world, like many of you I couldn’t help to think that a year just went by.  This year seems so fast, in a blink of an eye it’s gone.  Don’t you feel like that too?

Another chapter of life is closed, a new beginning starts.  Twenty sixteen is a year with ups and downs, mixed feelings, and uncertainty for our family.  But above every thing else, I’m grateful and thankful that our family are blessed with good health, because that’s the most important thing in our life.

I have no resolution that are no different to those I wake up to every morning.  Let me be kind.  Let me be patience.  Let me be gracious.  Let me be humble.  Let this year be a fresh start.  Oh…actually, I have a wish for the new year, my wish is let me  learn something new and hopefully it will get me to a better place in my work, fingers cross!

Here’s to end the 2016 and cheers to 2017!   May twenty seventeen will be a better year for the rest of the world and our family.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for being my readers and follow this blog.  I do cherish all your comments and likes.  I wish you all a gentle and peaceful 2017.  May it bring us all the simples of wishes that are dearest to our heart.

I wish you nothing but a happy and bless year!


this mama’s life

Hey everyone,

Finally, this mama gets time to blog again!

It has been a very full on and hectic life of this mama lately.  That’s why I haven’t been able to update this blog since my last post.

My boys have finished school last week, yup it’s early, and it’s not good because I still have to work while they don’t go to school anymore.  To leave them alone at home the whole day make me feel so uneasy.  Lucky, the other day when I had to work they had sleep over at their friend’s house, so at least kept my mind in peace knowing that they were not alone the whole day at home.  I know my boys are 12 years old now, few people say it’s ok to leave them home alone, but this mama still feels not so comfortable with that.  Is it just me being an over protected mother  or if you are in the same situation like me, are you ok leaving your pre teenagers kids home alone while you are working? Please do share.

I feel like this year flies so fast, it feels like just yesterday they entered the new phase of their life, high school, and now year 7 has finished and on to year 8 next year!  Reports from school got sent home early this week and I am very very pleased with their results.  I couldn’t help but feeling so proud, happy, and made me teary eyed reading at their results.  Well, if you let me brag a bit on the results, twin 1 got almost A except B for math, bugger…otherwise he would be a straight A student :p While twin 2 also done pretty good, mostly B with little bit C scattered here and there 🙂  All the hard works, tears, late night studied, labelled me ‘monster mummy’…are paid off!

Anyhow, enough of bragging and I do apologize if you think I am showing off….which is probably I am, but as a mother, when I read the reports while I was on my 15 minutes lunch break, after standing up since 9.30 am, I couldn’t help but feeling so thankful and grateful.  As this year is the transition year for the boys from primary to high school, and it was not always smooth and easy, we got rough time, tantrums, and little bumpy road here and there but in the end we have survived!

This week is the last week of all the surf and swimming competition they had to go through.  On Saturday my little fish came 3rd at the Long Course Pentathlon 2016, it was also his last competition for 2016 before the State Championship next year.  Phewww….now we can enjoy the holiday!  I will have one more day working this week and then….I’ll be home for Christmas, yaay!  🙂

To end this post I just uploaded a new vloging on my you tube channel.  It’s my second vlog so far.  I am still not too sure about vlogging though, I find it too time consumed!  Anyway, if you follow me on my channel please subscribe, comment, and like, will ya! 🙂  Thanks in advance 🙂

Happy Sunday!


on vlogging

Hey everyone,

Finally….I am glad enough to let you know that against all odds I made it my first (ever) Vlog, yay! After so many obstacles and discouragement from the member of my family of course, this time I finally can finish and edit it and upload to my you tube channel.

The vlog is not very long though, well for the beginner like me I think it’s ok better than nothing! 🙂

So, without further ado please check the video below or click here, watch it, like it, comment and subscribe pleaseee… I may make another one if I get some viewers tee hee 😛

PS: I do apologise for the rude finger from my very naughty son, I’m very sorry about that, I didn’t actually realized until I edited the video.


Happy watching, peeps!