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My oh my…it’s Friday again already!  Time does flies when you’re busy for sure…well at least that’s what happened to me.  This week has been very hectic for our family.  Wednesday evening we attended the annual award presentation night at Perth Concert Hall, as the boys had to participate in singing and one of my boys got an award for Visual Art for year 7.  He’s one of 8 boys from year 7 that receiving awards that night.  Yes, this mama here is very happy of course!  As this year is the beginning of high school for my children, and it’s not always a smooth transition from primary to middle school.  Lots of things changed, they need to be more independent and organise themselves without as much help from us, it wasn’t like when they were in primary.  The presentation night went pretty nice, some singing and dancing, musical act, speeches, and so on and lots of clapping hands (until my hands were hurt 😛 It ended at almost 10 pm.  And of course school was still on the next morning.  I just wondered why didn’t they have it on Friday night, for example.

my (little) boy receiving an award 

Anyway, enough bragging about that.  Today I started my day as early as 4.45 am.  Made brekkie for my son and woke him up, and 10 minutes later we were on the way to his swimming club.  Then, back home I had a bit time to make coffee and toast and some quiet time, before waking up the other one, made him brekkie again, and took him to his swimming club.  Mind you, the boys at the moment are swimming in two different clubs.  One is swimming with the school club so that’s why we have to be back and forward, just for Friday though.  Then I went to my yoga class and after finished my vinyasa straight away went to pick my son up from the pool.  Are you exhausting just reading this? 😀Let alone me! 🤓🤓 Then I gotta drop him to the school, then I go to work!  Blaahhh….by the time I got to my work I feel like I’ve been running a marathon!

In the afternoon, after school one has to go back to swim again (after his rowing at school) and sometimes I have to wait a bit longer for the other one to finish his basket ball game.  The boys choose different sports at school during this summer.  One is rowing and one is basket ball.  When I finally can get my basket ball son to the car, we go straight to his (another) basket ball training…. I know….I roll my eyes too!  I usually wait at the basket ball  stadium because it’s only take an hour 15 minutes training, then from there we go fetching number one from swimming.  Then back home.  Phewwww….. see now you know why I wish I had a driver and a maid, right!🙂🙂

When my husband is in town, it’s a bit easier because then we can share the drop and pick up thingy.  But if he has to work in the office it’s again I gotta running around like a loose chook 🙄Usually our Saturday is a bit less drama.  We can sleep in a bit and have our breakfast in relax atmosphere.  The only sport we have on Saturday afternoon is basket ball game (again!) Sunday for this summer time we have surf life in the morning.  When I said we, I meant the boys…😊  But we still have to take them to the beach and wait there, and also sometimes we are rostered for canteen or bbq, or beach helper.  And I don’t mind spending the morning at the beach, sometimes while waiting I would pop in to the cafe shop nearby for a caffeine intake or I have my morning walk and dip in the sea as well.

On Sundays I usually will bake some things for the boys lunch box and make dessert for us too, plus also cleaning, vacuuming, dusting the house, and of course do the laundry!  Well, that’s a little bit of my day to day life in words.  It does drive us crazy sometimes.  But again, it’s life and it’s good to be active and busy rather than being a couch potato.  The most important thing, we do this because the boys like being active and love their sport.  We try to balance and limit between sports activities and school academic.  Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to juggle, but as parents we always support whatever they want to do in their life, rowing, surf, painting, or even a bmx ride like my number 2 is crazy about every thing bmx bikes at the moment!🙄

Anyhow, I hope you all have a good and relax week end with your loved ones.  Thanks for sparing your time to read my rambling of not so important post 😘

Happy Friday!💜

on the road again

road tripping is more than just driving, it’s wander lusting

For some of you who follows my Instagram perhaps you have known from my photos that I had been on the road trip couple weeks ago.  If I’m not wrong it was about two weeks ago, on school breaks, the four of us went on road trip from Western Australia across to South Australia, and Victoria.

In this post I’d like to share our on the road and camping stories.  This is not our first time long road trip across Australia, couple years ago we did the same route and then continued to Tasmania. We spent five weeks total back then, and this time was just two weeks.

We left our home on Monday morning 26th of September, the weather was quite cool 17 C.  We packed enough food to consume for our about 10 hours driving.  Boys were in a good mood, not fighting…yet.  Our first stop for coffee and toilet was at Coolgardie, after about 6 hours driving.  From here we just kept continue driving until our first destination of the day, Fraser Range.


So, first night we camped at Fraser Range.  It’s a pastoral lease and sheep station, about 100 km of east Norseman.  Besides power and un-powered sites, they also have cabin accommodation.  We like this place, every road trip we always make sure that we stay here.  The facilities including camp kitchen, shower and toilet. If you choose to stay at their cabin, they can also provide you meal for $30 per person including main meal, dessert, coffee and tea.

img_2379dinner is cooking

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are you a bad mom?

if you are, continue reading please..😜


Couple weeks ago I went to see Bad Moms the movie with a bunch of my bad moms girlfriends. 

The movie is really really funny according to my sense of humour. Yeah it has a lot of swearing words, that’s why it’s called bad moms😜 and it’s not appropriate for children. So whatever the reasons please don’t take your young children to see this movie ok! 

The movie is about Amy played by Mila Kurnis ( I always like her!) who is a mother of two kids aged 12 and 9. Being a mother as well as working as a sales rep for a coffee company, she often has to juggle between school drop off, meeting with clients, kids’ sport activities, parents meetings,  cooking or preparing dinner for the family (sound very familiar, right?) , and not to mentioned being judged by other mothers who think they are perfect and better in every way. 

Amy tries to accommodate all her children needs, from making them breakfast, pack them a healthy lunch box to even make their school projects and homeworks, goes to all their school activities and is active in her school’s  PTA run by domeneering Gwenfolyn (Christina Applegate).  Because she’s trying hard to be a good mother….for her children and the society. 

Until one day she gets fed up, she’s overworked, overstressed with all her efforts trying to be a good mum that actually creates chaos to her own life. So, she decided to join forces with two others stressed out mothers to get away from a mundane life and conventional responsibilities .  She turns into  a ‘don’t care mother’ , who goes out to party with her friends til late at night, has a flirt with a handsome widower, say no to her boss, makes her children do their own breakfast and homeworks, and against all odds trying to be elected to become the new PTA leader! 

Okay, I’m not going to spoil you about the whole story because it will ruin your curiosity to see this movie if you haven’t. 

In overall some of the plots of this movie are really reflecting to my life as a mother (except the husband’s part!)  It’s like watching my daily life as a mother being filmed😜🙈 Yes I do pack my kids a healthy homemade lunch box and when they don’t eat it and prefers junk food I feel like a failure.    Yes I do sometimes arrive late to school or training due to the morning chaos in my household. And yes I do need to loosen up a bit and let the kids fending for themselves. 

As a mother we often try to do every thing for our kids, our family.  We forget to take care of ourselves, we over-worked and stressed out. We need to remind ourselves that except being a mother we are also a human being who often make mistakes. And it is okay! We allow to make mistake because there is no right or wrong in parenting. Every kid is different what works for him may not work for her.    

And for us mothers, sometimes we need to chill a bit, it would do us and the entire family good, me think!😜

So, if you haven’t watched this movie and you’re a mother you ought yourself a night out with your fellow motherfriends to see this hilarious comedy…off you go!

*PTA: Parent Teacher Association  

spring is in the air

On Sunday the weather turned out to be pretty good, sunny and 19 C.  So, in a spur moment the father of my children suggested that we went for a drive to see some wild flowers up in the hills.  Typical him, we actually could just go to Kings Park or some wild flowers farm nearby for that.  But of course wild flowers gotta see in the real wild place 😛 not the one that already structured…*sigh*

So, after almost two hours driving we finally got to the destination  and much to our disappointed there were not many wild flowers there.  It’s a bit strange for normally at this time of the year there will be lots and lots of them.

Anyway, we had a good time exploring.  Lit a fire and cooked our lunch.  Boys ran around and played silly buggers.  I am still amazed that at the age of 12 these boys of mine still like to climb trees, rocks, and run around like crazy!

Here are some pictures from our Sunday, hope you enjoy them!

Everlasting….love them!


Fringed Lily, so pretty and unique

Happy Thursday everyone, not long until week-end!



{ review} on bb cushions

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post but I just  like to share my review about these products based on my personal experience.

If you love cosmetic or follow beauty products I’m pretty sure you all know about BB Cushion product  that at the moment is in trend.  Almost every cosmetic brand has their own version of this bb cushion.  From high end to drug store ones.  It’s the new kid on the block kinda thing, and it evolves from South Korea where the women are blemish free and porcelain skin look.  BB cushion or cushion compact is a foundation soaked sponge contained in a pocket sized mirrored compact, offering a natural looking base of make up on the go with simply glide the foundation on the skin with the applicator provided, no brushes or sponges, and you’re ready to go.  Perfect for a person like me, who always rush in the morning between dropping off the boys to school and go to work, and not to mention I always take a long time  in front of the mirror to wing my eye-liner😜 So if I can save a bit on my face then I have a bit more time on my eyes! 😉😉

I have been trying three bb cushions so far from three different brands.  Here is what I think about them;

1.  L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion $29.95

This is a budget friendly cushion compact and available on Australian market, that’s important because I don’t really like buying cosmetic online to be honest.  I like what I can see directly.  It comes in 5 shades.  When I glide the sponge on to my fresh clean faced, it goes very smooth and gives an even finish and covers my spot good enough.  I like it because it makes my skin looks dewy, light, and not cakey.  It is also great for touch up.  It’s alright for every day make up and when you’re in a hurry.

2. Laneige BB Cushion $59.00

I was so curious about this Laneige BB Cushion as everyone talks and rages about it.  So, against my will I purchased it at Strawberry net online.  For 59 bucks I personally think, [please don’t unfriend me to all those Laneige fans just because I have a different opinion than yours 😛 ] it more or less the same as the L’oreal one.  I have mine in sand beige, it covers ok but it’s not as good as the L’oreal one, honestly.  I found it makes my skin looks a tad bit dry after I use it.  Maybe because of its fragrance formula, enough that I can smell it as I wear it.  As I read, cosmetic products with fragrance formula can irritate skin especially if you use it daily and also can damage the healthy collagen production that can cause dryness. The only difference is perhaps the packaging that looks expensive and much better than the L’oreal one.  Also it comes with the refill, so that’s another bonus.  I don’t dislike this product, but for me it’s no difference than the above mentioned so if I can save a bit on this I definitely will buy local.

3.  MECCA Cosmetica In A Great Light Compact $60

Picture from Google image

It comes in 5 shades and the packaging is so pretty and cute.  Overall, in my skin it covers pretty good, better than those two products above mentioned. It blends out so well and long lasting too, gives my skin that luminous glowy look which I like.    For 60 buck it’s the same as Laneige I probably will purchase this again, just because I don’t have to buy online and it doesn’t have a fragrance formula.

In the end I think choose what’s best for your skin and your wallet.  The most important think is how you care about your skin, because the good skin care is the key to  a perfect make up. 

Hope you all have great week-end! 


on father’s day

It’s Father’s day today in Australia.  We started the morning, making breakfast for the father of my children followed by Father’s day presents of course.

The weather is really lovely, 19 degree and sunny. So, we decided to go up the hills in the bush to spend the rest of the day. We brought our meats and some snacks along with us. Cooked our meat on the fire. Just a simple lunch, just us. That’s the way the father of my children likes to celebrate his day.

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portrait photography

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistable for the rest of your life 

– coco chanel – 

About a week or so ago I was on the photoshoot for my make up artist friend, Ira. She’s gorgeous and very talented make up artist. 

If you live in Perth and need your hair and make up done for any occassion please contact Ira. I will share her details below. 

Here are the result of her hands on my face and hair, shot by Studio Monica photography. Thank you loveliest for making me look flawless, love yours work! 😘😘

Hair and make up:

Photographer: Monica Purnama

Jumper :

blueberry muffins

It’s Sunday morning in this part of the world.  After I had my delicious brekkie I decided to make blueberry muffins for the kids lunch box tomorrow.  I’ve been very slack these past two weeks, due to my very bad cold.  I’m feeling better now so I guess I’m back to Sunday baking again!

This recipe is pretty easy, no need to use mixer too which I love!


2 cups self-raising flour

90g butter, chopped

3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

125g fresh blueberries

1 cup milk 2 eggs, lightly beaten


Pre heat oven to 180C.  Grease 12 hole muffin pan

Sift flour into a bowl.  Using fingertips, rub butter into flour until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.  Stir in sugar.

Make a well in center of flour mixture.  Add blueberries, milk and egg.  Gently stir until just combined.  Spoon mixture into prepared muffin pan.  Bake for 25 minutes or until skewer inserted in center of 1 muffin comes out clean.  Stand in pan for 5 minutes.  Turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

And voilaaa…..ready to eat!


Happy Sunday everyone!


when mums need a break

Good times + Crazy friends = Amazing memories

This post is probably a bit late, but like the saying it’s better late than never….so I am going to proceed with the whole story.

Early in August my girlfriends and I did another girls trip or precisely mums trip since most of us are all mothers.  It was kind of winter get-away because August here in down under is winter, sounds weird I know, because the rest of the world is experiencing summer at the moment.  This was our second mums trip, the first one was last year when we went to Bali, read here if you want to know.  The formation was slightly a bit different from last year.  There were six of us plus one toddler.  Yeah, one of my friend had to take her son since at the last minute her husband had to go overseas for work.

We took a red eye flight as usual being a cheap mums🙂  Flight was slightly delayed for half an hour.  There is two hours ahead time difference between Perth and Melbourne.  We arrived in Tullamarine almost midnight.  Took a maxi cab to our service apartment.

We stayed at two bedrooms apartment called Bella Apartment.  It’s pretty new apartment about six months old, if I am not wrong.  The apartment is  very close to Crown Casino, in fact there is underground kinda thing that connects from the apartment to Crown Casino, where accommodates many shop, restaurants, cinema, and big food court beside the casino itself.  If you are into casino and night life and feel lazy to go out at night to have dinner, you can just walk five minutes from your room to the Crown Casino.

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5 things i ❤️

Oh my…August is almost end and I just realized I haven’t post my five things I love for this month! Well, not that anyone cares but I do, because I have promised myself to diligently posting about five things I love once a month. So, without further ado here are the things I love this month:

1.  Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

If you like the smell of rose on your face, spray this after your make up, it will set your make up perfectly. You can spray it before you apply your make up too, the mist will hydrate your skin so it’s easy to blend your make up.

2.  Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pad

Sometimes my skin is a bit difficult, pimples can show up without warning. This product is pretty good for those bad acne day. It soothes without making my skin dry. My skin becomes softer and smoother.  The glycolic acid helps to retexture and resurface skin while the blue daisy makes my skin brighter and the witch hazel helps to tone. What I love about this Nip + Fab it comes in 60 cotton pads and I just have to swap on my face, also it does not smell nasty at all. Great product for the occasional break out and it won’t break my bank account for sure👌🏻

3.  The Balm Cosmetic

The first time I saw the Balm cosmetic it’s because the packaging!  It looks so cute and fun. And the product itself won’t disappoint. I bought the eye-shadow, blush on, and highlighter. Love the eye-shadow, it talc free and pigmented. Also all the Balm products are paraben and cruelty free. If you live in Australia, you can find the Balm cosmetic at Target and David Jones.

4.  Antipodes Divine Face Oil Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip.

This is one of my favourite skin-care oil that I use on my face. It not only smells lovely, but also absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue. I also noticed the change of my skin complexion as well as a softer and more moisturised skin after using it for a while. It is a must-have especially for winter.

5.  Palmolive Bodywash Oil Infusion

Looks like this winter I’m loving every thing rose! I bought this Palmolive oil infusions body-wash rose with macadamia oil couple weeks ago at Woollies just because I ran out my usual body wash. I thought why not give it a try? Enriched with an infusion of botanical oils, this body wash cleans and hydrates your skin. The macadamia oil deeply nourishes the skin and won’t make your skin dry. I love the fact that the smell of the rose is not so strong. It also comes in Jasmine with avocado oil.

That’s all the things that I love for this month! If you are thinking or interesting in buying one of them, I hope this will help. This post is not sponsored, I just love all the products above and this is my genuine opinion. Oh, and also I’m trying to buy every thing local or available in Australia so I don’t have to purchase it online, overseas. Just because…I’m trying to be a goody goody person😜

Have a great day everyone, it’s almost week end!