mie goreng (fried noddles)

350gr egg noodles
100gr beansprout
2 carrots, thinly slice
1 cup of sweet peas
150gr prawn
5 meat balls or can use shreded chicken
2 spring onion, roughly chopped
3 tbs sweet soy sauce
2 tbs fried onion
3 macadamia nuts/kemiri
4 garlic
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
  1. wash noodes with warm water.
  2. saute macadamia, garlic, salt & pepper about 3 minutes.
  3. add prawns, or meatballs, add 3 tbs water
  4. add noodles, beansprout, carrots, peas, (you can add whatever veggies you like), add soy sauce, spring onions. put the lid on, cook until all the vegies tender. stir.
  5. serve with fried onion, eggs, and tomatoes.

2 responses to “mie goreng (fried noddles)”

  1. hi ria,i tried this recipe last saturday and it was a hit amongst my guests! so thanks a lot.


  2. my pleasure martin..


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