A Week in Jakarta Metropolitan…

My nightmare travelling alone with my two little monster-balls turned out to be a pleasant experienced. They were just perfect like two little angels. Our flight took off right on the dot at 8.40pm from Perth. The Boys were so excited that they had their own seat, the look on their face was so cute… a mixed between proud and impressed on themselves. They thought they were ‘a big man’ (as Dylan always refers to himself, i’m a big man..) as they didn’t seat on mummy’s or daddy’s lap anymore. They ate their meals very good, which was surprised me for they had their dinner before we boarded the plane. It took a while for them to sleep, but they were busy entertained themselves with the coloring books that were given by Qantas. Finally, around 10.30pm Perth’s time they both fell asleep. I had to wake them up couple minutes before we landed.

The first two days in Jakarta, The Boys were very calm and in a good behaviour. Although, my brother’s car doesn’t have seat belts in the back row and I didn’t bring any boosters or car seats, The Boys remained sat still in the car. They didn’t jump around or stand up during the trip. I thought, hmm….maybe they were getting mature now. But then, on the third days and the rest of the week they were getting back to their normal attitude. My dream didn’t last that long.

When we had dinner at Bebek Goreng in Senopati with my old friends from school, they bashed off an orchid pot plans (to my horror, but it was too late for me to react) and since we sat kinda on the back veranda of the restaurant and there were gravel stones around, they managed to move at least some of the gravels into the big empty pot near by. Another time, at the restaurant I managed to get them drawing or coloring their book. But it only lasted about 10 minutes then they decided to explore under the table area by crawling all over the floor — can you imagine how clean and hygienic they were??

Thanks God at the apartment there’s a big pool and play ground for them to waste all the energy they had. Some of my friends lent us their children toys and bike too, so it was a good relieve. I must say, despite the destroying of the orchid plant, they were not too bad. In the car, they got bored when the traffic was bad but they were still in control. I took lots of healthy snacks and toys and books with me every time I went out.

But, my oh my…. Jakarta is more crowded than ever, lots and lots of vehicles especially motorbikes! I didn’t think two years ago, the last time I went back home, the traffic was this bad. Although already bad enough at that time, but now it’s even worse. Or maybe it is just me who get used to the very quiet life in Perth???

The shopping is still best ever. And the beauty maintenance is still so great. For a week I was in Jakarta, I went twice for cream-bath, one time wash and blow-dry, one time manicure and twice pedicure, also spent almost 5 hours for body scrub, massage, and facial. Goshhh…. I can always be pretty and terpelihara if I live in Jakarta! That is the only thing that I really miss about living in Jakarta. I do love my beauty treatment.

My highlight in Jakarta was I was able to catch up with most of my old friends, even though I only met them once and for couple hours but it was better than nothing at all. And of course, since I have The Boys so visited all the relatives in my Mum’s order was a top priority.

One thing that I didn’t do this time (unlike every time I go to Jakarta) was going out clubbing. It was just didn’t enough time and I supposed I wasn’t in the mood to go out dancing. Or maybe I had enough already lately!
Our flight back to Perth was 12 o’clock at midnight. I managed to put the boys down to have a nap during the day so that they won’t be too tired and cranky later on. And I was lucky again, they were really good boys. Once we were on the plane, before even it took off, both of them already fell asleep and they slept through until couple minutes before landed. Phewww…!!
So, my conclusion on this trip back home; it was really good to catch up with family and friends and for them to see The Boys in flesh but I don’t think I would stay more than a week unless we go outside of Jakarta and my partner in crime comes along too. I am lucky that Nathan and Dylan are not clingy to myself and can easily get along with everybody otherwise it would be a nightmare. The Boys are used to play and enjoy outdoorsy things like, parks and beach, so sometimes I felt sorry for them to tag along from one mall to others, or from one traffic to another. Thanks God too, The Boys ate and slept good through our stay and healthy. Because that is my other nightmares if they don’t want to eat or don’t sleep through the night.

New things that I found out about Jakarta since two years ago are; there are new big flash shopping malls that contain most of the-designer-brands and another middle class mall that always caused bad traffic around. There will be a subway thing too in Jakarta in the future, can you imagine? I just hope it will help out the bad traffic. Thing that remains the same is bad traffic alias macet… But still, for me Jakarta is a one unique city in the world.

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