I'm an Aussie Chick

Couple weeks ago, I officially became an Australian citizenship. The ceremony was held at the Canning Council. There were 35 new citizens, 31 adults and 4 chidlren from 9 countries. We said our pledge then the Mayor handed out the citizenship certificate, and we posed with the Mayor and our family. We got one native pot plant each as a pressie.

After, we sang Advance Australia Fair, we were invited to stay for light refreshments. Not too bad though…

Although I’m an Australian now, I’m still the same person I was before. I still love my rice as my basic staple, sambal, and salty fish… I am still Ria from the kampung…:D

Author: ohdearria

Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue & white chinas, & thrifty finds. I like to bake and cook something delicious (and healthy) for my twin boys and le hubby. I have golden retriever dog named Sammy, and couple of love birds. I take my boys to sports as early as 5 in the morning and on the weekend. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as an everyday mama, wife, and human being who live in the suburbs. I love sharing snippets about my family, our adventures and holidays. So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, simply just close this page. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

3 thoughts on “I'm an Aussie Chick”

  1. hi ria,it’s colin here. long time haven’t heard from you and i’m pretty busy with my work and life in general. i owe you a long e-mail. congrats for being an aussie chick hey:0)stay as sweet as you are always, ria.


  2. hiii…i didn’t know that you are an aussie, sheila!!!congratulations!!! we have to catch up ok!! thanks for letting me know about your site so now i know what’ve been up to, girl. we really should catch up ria, haven’t seen you since…last year?love,amanda


  3. thanks amanda,i haven’t been able to enroll to a new class for this term. but sure, will give you a call soon. i have lots to tell ya!love,ria


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