Chick Bloody Pox

No, this entry is not about chicken recipe… But, guess what? Just this evening when I bath the Boys I found out that Nathan got Chickenpox or in another language is varicella. Omegod!!!

So, I called my friend and asked her if I can drop Dylan at her house while taking Nathan to see the GP After Hours. She said no problem so after put their pj’s on off we went. Straight away when I told the reception that I suspected that Nathan got a chickenpox we were whisked off to an isolate room. After waiting for almost an hour finally the doctor came to see us. Yep, you are right, it’s definitely varicella, he said. Though, Nathan was very very good and very patient and not cranky at all the whole time we were waiting, and very co-operative with the doctor too. So, after some advices about what to do and how to treat the pox, we finally left the practitioner.
We picked up Dylan from my friend’s house then finally we were home at about 9 pm. They went to bed pretty good and when I am writing this I haven’t heard any squeak from both of them, or especially Nathan. He had a bit temperature so before bed I gave him panadol. So far, I haven’t seen or found any spot at all on Dylan. It would be a miracle if he doesn’t get it since they spit to each other, share mostly every thing, and breath in each other germs. I am hoping that Dylan will catch it too so that’s all done!
Now all my wishy-wussy about going to work just disappear in the ninth cloud. I have to call my manager tomorrow to tell her the truth and I suppose it’s up to them if they still want to employee me. But for sure I can’t do any work at least for another 10 days as that’s what the doctor said that Nathan has to be kept away from the outsider, plus if Dylan gets it too, then it probably will be longer. Is that really true that they can’t be exposed to others for that long? Then how am I going to do my groceries? I will be stuck together with the pox and my darling husband is away offshore too? Oh…really, welcome to my world!
Why oh why such of this thing happens at the wrong time of my life? Or maybe I am just destined to be a spender not a worker… to think of it from the bright side of my brain šŸ˜€

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