First Day Ever?

Last Tuesday was my first time ever going back to work after almost 4 years not working. Although, this time my job is different from any other works I had done. I used to work in the office, behind the desk, dealing with all those formalities papers, computers, clients, bosses, meetings, high heels, business suits, you know that kind of job. Now, I am selling shoes in a one of most leading department store in Australia. How excited it is!

What made this job is more interesting because I actually had to start working about 3 weeks ago. But then, if you read or follow the Chick Bloody Pox and Meta Me, you know what was happening to me. Yeah…the chickenpox story that forced me to call and apologize hundred times that I couldn’t go to work. And what is surprising me that they still hold the job for me.

So, I was so damn excited to go to my first day at work. We work as a team and there are 10 of us in the shoes department. I had to learn very quick about all the code that stick underneath the shoes so that I can be fast enough to find them when customer request it in a different size. And then my nightmare is the machine called point of sale or cash register. So many buttons to push. And of course on my first day I had to deal with it. Once you serve the customer then you have to finish with the point of sale. Don’t ask me how many times I operated it wrong way and had to cry for help. Thanks God all the ladies in my section were so helpful and patient to show me the correct way. I’m sure the more I do it the more I will get use to it and hopefully one day I will master it.

I work for 5 hours with only 15 minutes break time. And for the rest of the hours we mostly standing up on our feet all the time. I thought I wore pretty reasonable work shoes, but hell in the end of my shift my feet were aching and covered with blisters! So, the next day I bought a very conventional nun alike black working shoes, much to my fashionista taste, but this kind of shoes are supposed to be good for your feet.

I enjoyed my first day working. Despite the trouble and error with the cash register, I actually quite like meeting with a different people and help them to find the right shoes they want. There was a young girl who was looking for high-heel shoes for a costume party, or an old lady who wanted the same model and brand of shoes that she was wearing only in a different color. Or a husband/boyfriend who waited very patiently while their wife or girlfriend were trying on all the high-heels on the display. And all those pretty shoes are really a big temptation for myself! Sometimes, I have to hold the urge to try on them too. Wait, I’m not a customer here…!

Last Thursday the day I was supposed to work as my second day I was really into it. I woke up earlier than usual and the night before I have read over and over the manual of the point of sale and made myself a self-note so I will not repeat the same mistake again. Drove to drop the Boys at the day care, and when the carer looked at Dylan’s face and found one little spot of chickenpox had not erupted yet she refused to take Dylan in. I was so upset and wanted to cry and scream. But, what can I do? Only Nathan went in and I went back home with Dylan and called work explaining my whole situation. Don’t ask me how embarrassed I was but I had no choice. The person that I spoke to seem to understand my problem. Later that day because I was so curious I went to see a GP and showed her Dylan’s pox. She said, he is fine and ok to go to the day care as he is not contagious anymore. The most contagious time is when the pox blister is starting to erupt. Aarrrgghhh…. why didn’t I think about this before? So, I could have gotten a letter from a doctor that says he’s not contagious anymore.

Well, everything happens for a reason. Maybe I am not supposed to work yet. Let’s see if they still want me to work for them. Otherwise I am happy just being a mum and domestic goddess…:D

One response to “First Day Ever?”

  1. hi ria,i hope you still have your job. they will understand as lots of women are also working in the store. hope to catch up with you soon. the salsa class is a bit boring without you, everyone keeps asking, where’s ria? and adam even said, yes, she’s my good damn partner hahaahaa… i think he’s fallen for you, woman!see ya,amanda


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