The Pox Story

When Nathan had chickenpox, he got it very mild. And he was pretty good most of the time, didn’t really get ill only a bit temperature. But he was still jumping up and down.

…….. and still looks cute …………..

Two weeks later it was Dylan’s turn. And it was pretty bad one plus he was soo difficult to co-oprate when I had to dab a calamyne and he didn’t really want to eat. Although he was still jumping up and down only a bit calmer than his usual temper.

it covered almost his whole body

……….. and on his back too……

the one under his eye rim was pretty nasty…..

I am glad that it’s over now, although Dylan still has some scabs on his back and front, but at least the one on his face is gone. I hope next Tuesday the day care will not refuse him again as what had happened on Thursday. They didn’t want to take Dylan in because there was one spot that they thought was still contagious. So, I had to return home with him and couldn’t go to work.

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