Going Solo?

For almost the whole last month Daniel was away for work. And it was a tough month for me. There had been lots of things happenings. The Boys got chickenpox, their 3rd birthday party, my job, and any other issues. I feel like I am a single parent most of the time, lately.

I have lots of respect to all the single mums out there. I do understand how tough it is being there by just yourself. From day to day errands that you have to juggle until making an important decision. Not to mention the lonely nights without someone to share an adult conversation or just a shoulder to cry on. Especially when you don’t have any relatives living in the same city as you. You can only rely on your friends and neighbours? But it’s not all the same as your own family or relatives.

Now, after only being back home for a week, my husband is away again for I don’t know how long. Supposed I get used to it but I don’t. I’ll never ever get used to this. Every time he’s away it’s a burden for me. Although I can manage and handle day to day life alright but I still feel something is missing. And the worse part is the night time. When The Boys are in bed, dishes done, I’m sick of my computer and feel like talking, but to who? I can’t always call my friends as they also have their own family and husbands to look after at night time. And it’s just different. Or is it only because I’m spoilt and not an independent person? I am fine during the day, and after a week has gone that’s when I start to get a bit grumpy of being alone, the second week I will be easy to get very cranky over nothing, the third week and so on I am going mad…mad…and mad all the time.

That is LIFE. My life in particular. I am trying so hard to stay positive and sane and keep on smiling. Although some days I have my moments. So, my advice to who ever wants to get off their marriage life, think twice! It’s hard and tough being on your own, let alone if you have children. To me it’s not the physical work that you have to do all by yourself but more to the mental and company sanity.

2 responses to “Going Solo?”

  1. Kalo soal going solo, gue salut deh ama elo, karena gue gak bakalan bisa kayak elo gitu (gak tau kalo terpaksa deh). Gue depend bgt sama laki gue, & klo ditinggal keluar kota 1-2 hr aja gue udah uring2an. Elo gak usah hesitate utk bothering gue malem2 misalnya elo rasa kesepian, or need to talk about something. You may sms me, if you think it’s too expensive to call.Jgn keluar dari kerjaan, itu balancing your inner supaya tetep waras, ok?


  2. hi nta,thanks for your comment ya. don’t worry i will be bugging you next time dan goes offshore for too long, and it’s not expensive to call jakarta as i use the phone card. so, stay tune…


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