Knocked Up – the review –

Watched this movie last Friday night with darling hubby. It was our first night out together (me and him only!) ever since…….I don’t remember when. So, it must be a very very very long time ago, sad isn’t it? We managed to get a baby-sitter for the Boys that night, fed and bath them earlier. So that we could have dinner out before headed to the cinema.

The Story:

Seth Rogen, an unlikely romantic leading man, is perfectly cast as slacker Ben Stone. Ben lives in a frat house-type abode with his buddies and spends his time sort of working on creating a website about naked celebrities. Work isn’t a high priority for Ben. Mostly, he’s a lovable oaf who just hangs out with his goofy friends, getting drunk, talking about sex as well as other assorted topics guys in their 20s typically discuss at great length.
One night at a bar slamming back drinks with his friends, Ben gets lucky when he hits on a gorgeous lady who, had they been sober, would have been way out of his league. Ben makes a connection with Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an equally soused entertainment reporter out celebrating a promotion. Nonsensical conversation and raging hormones lead to a night of sex, followed by a morning of awkward small talk over breakfast. That would normally be the end of their relationship but as fate would have it, Allison discovers she’s….knocked up.

How Ben and Allison handle the news of an unplanned pregnancy is rich fodder for comedy, as Ben’s sophomoric buddies come up with various ideas on how to deal with his impending fatherhood. But what really makes Knocked Up work is the unlikely relationship that grows between the two soon-to-be parents.

It’s sweet without being saccharine and funny without being ridiculous or over-the-top.

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