I Beg Your Prada – curhat perempuan metro

Category: Books
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author: Alexandra Dewi & Cynthia Agustina

I bought this book when I was in Jakarta couple months ago. I was waiting for my friend to turn up and saw a book store nearby so went there to kill the time. The title of the book was intrigued me.

It’s a light entertaining book, a survival kit for metropolitan goers. The stories are about day to day life that often happens in metropolitan community. Some of the stories are based on the authors honest opinion and experiences. In one of the stories it tells that Jakartians are always up to date in trendy and brand stuff, for example, if Prada or Gucci or Hermes are “in” trend everyone are trying to have it, even if it’s a fake one they should have it. Other wise they will feel non-exist or weird or come from a different planet than others.

Many things in our life are part of brand campaigns. Louis Vuitton bag, Hermes, or Borders book store, even coffee like Gloria Jean’s, Starbuck, etc, are world brand campaigns. They create a global identity that make people in Jakarta feel or think they are as elite as Madonna because they have a same newest Hermes bag, or because Denzel Washington likes to have his coffee at Starbuck, so they feel cool if they have a same taste of coffee as Denzel. Since I don’t come home to Jakarta very often, this book is also kind of up date me of what’s happening and what’s the trend in Jakartians.

That is now, PAD (Public Affection Display) is not uncommon and jam karet is still a culture…or have became a culture:D One of the author said that Jakarta is just like New York, every thing is expensive and modern and the people are trendy. Yet the poverty in the other side still exist. It’s so sad to acknowledge this fact.

This book is a trend-setter. Fun to read. If you consider yourself a metropolitan goers, read it!! Or be left behind. It’s probably not the best ever but it’s simple yet funny book. It’s a good one to read while you are waiting for the bus or queueing at the GP room

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