Le Week-End – vol.3

What did you do last Sunday?

We had dim sum for lunch at the Jade’s Garden in Northbridge. It’s very unusual that Daniel wanted to eat dim sum on Sunday! So after the tantrum time from Dylan who refused to go inside the restaurant we had to come home in a mission to teach him a lesson. If you throw tantrum and don’t do what we told, let’s go home. We only got inside the restaurant for 5 minutes still waiting to be seated while Dylan did his tanty and we had to get out and drove back home.

Then after lots of crying and more screaming (because he didn’t want to go home),finally he calmed down and agreed to behave as good as an angel. So, here we go…all the way drove back to the restaurant again. I am not sure if this works or makes sense and that teach Dylan a lesson or not, but we really just have enough of him behaving so badly lately. So rebellious and very difficult. Anyway, I’m not going to elaborate about Dylan’s behaviour in here. I will write about it later – exclusively – šŸ˜€

the boys in bells rapid – last year

nathan at the bridge

So, we enjoyed the dim sum and after that we drove up to Swan River area and ended up in this place called Bells Rapid. It’s a nice place for family to have picnic and great for kids to splash around the river or explore the area. At this time of the year, the river is full with water. Last time we went here was in the summer, and it wasn’t full of water. We saw some people did kayaking and swam around. We are planning to come back some time in the spring time and have a proper picnic, plus I have to remember to pack some dry clothes for the Boys too. As Nathan just fell into the little creek and wet his trousers….

last year – spring time

this time in winter

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