I Wish

i wish i liked my body every day

i wish i wasn’t shy in new social situations

i wish i had a natural talent for writing

i wish i could find a part-time job that suits my situation now

i wish i had a clean fresh face

i wish i had a long brown with nice curly hair

i wish i lived in soho

i wish i was closed to my friends from high school

i wish i was brave enough to act

i wish i could be thoughtful and patient

i wish i could eat as much as i did as a child and stay skinny

i wish i had a million more moments in the day

i wish i could always feel as fuzzy as i do when i listen to Norah Jones

i wish i could speak at least three foreign languages

i wish i had big brown beautiful eyes

i wish i could travel as often as possible

i wish i didn’t have to cook every day

i wish snow was warm

i wish i could buy designer brand handbags

i wish i could have 4wd car

i wish i had bigger house

i wish i was an engineer

i wish i was a professional latin dancer

i wish you could start anything fresh like washing dishes

i wish i was in paris, well actually….

i wish we were in cuba

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