Happy Father's Day

We didn’t do much for Father’s Day (Sunday, 2nd Sept). Last year, we had picnic with friends at Scarborough beach and finished the day by having coffee and snack at one of the restaurant in Cottlesloe area.

In fact this year, in the morning Daniel and I had an argument over something that I couldn’t remember what was it now. It must be one of the silly things that we often argue about. Then while I was doing some cleaning and dusting inside the house, he worked at the backyard and cleaned our pool.

Then we decided to go out to have late lunch or early dinner, since it was almost 2.30 by the time we left home. We went to Clancy’s Fish Pub at Fremantle. I had garlic prawn with crusty bread and salad and he had seafood platter. I love this Clancy’s Fish Pub, it’s a family pub restaurant that has friendly atmosphere for the children. They can run around in the big green lawn and bring the footy or climbing the trees or can sit with us and having their own children meals. Since we had fed the Boys at home, they only had banana and chocolate sundae ice cream for dessert and of course they loved it and wanted more. To my surprise, they were pretty easy to give up without a fight when we said no more and straight away gone climbing the trees and chasing each other. Pheww…thanks God for being such an angel, Boys!

The Boys made their own card at the day care for Daniel with cut flower seeds inside it. They helped him planted the seeds and were very interested in seeing what color of flowers it will become. We have a bit hard time explaining to the Boys that it will need time for the seeds to grow as a flower and that’s why they need to water and care for them. I gave Daniel this book that I think it will be a good reading for him while he’s offshore.

On Monday morning we dropped him off at the airport and won’t see him for 3 weeks time. Welcome to single parenting!

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