Comin' Home Baby

It has been a bit over two weeks now that Daniel is away from us. And my patience towards life as a single parent starting to become thin and thinner every day. Plus, the Boys are starting to get increasingly unbearable to handle.

For the first week they behaved really good for me. I hardly ever have to raise my voice or use the ‘thinking corner’. I even thought who are these two lovely boys? Are they mine or did I somehow swap them by accident with someone else children at the supermarket? But the last two days, they are back to their original skin. When the two of them gang up against me sometimes I don’t really know how to handle them. Perhaps, because my patience is becoming short and thin, even a slightest mis-behaved can raise my voice one octave or make me grumpy at them.

I wonder how another women cope with their husbands away even longer than mine? I suppose if you have family or in-laws around, it wouldn’t be too hard would it? At least you can always have someone to drop by or talk to or dump the kids for an hour or so while you’re doing the groceries?

I know I always whining and complaining about this. And you may think just shut up woman, or if you think you can’t handle it talk to him to get another job? It’s not that easy though. In fact, I’m coping quite okay only sometimes I have my moment, like tonight. Feel lonely and alone. And I can eat a half tub of ice cream when I’m feeling blue like now. Which is not good for my waist-line. Anyway, I’m going to the gym tomorrow to burn the extra kilos from the ice-cream!

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