Two Weeks Holiday

In early October we flew from Perth to Adelaide on our way to Edenhope to spend some time with Daniel’s parents and a bit of holiday for us too. Well, for me meaning free of cooking, cleaning and ironing for two weeks! Still though I had to do the dishes sometimes. Edenhope is half way between Victoria and South Australia states. We could fly through Melbourne as well instead of Adelaide.

So, we arrived in Adelaide around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We supposed to get a car that we would drive back to Edenhope, but when we got to the place where the car was parked and started the engine, it didn’t work! So, Daniel eventually had to rent a car and lucky we could get one straight away. So, all the way back to the airport again to get the rental car. Finally leaving the Adelaide airport around 5nish and continued our 4 hours driving to Edenhope. We stopped once at the road house to have dinner and let the boys ran around, the good thing is in that road house there is kids corner with lots of toys and books. So, that kept them entertaining.

It was a very long and boring driving. Especially it was dark already so we could hardly saw a view, except had to keep an eye of jumping kangaroos. The Boys were not too bad, they fell asleep for a while then woke up and we sang all the songs we know and told stories and fed them lots of snacks! We got at Grandma and Timbo’s (he doesn’t want to be called Grandpa) house around 10.30nish pm. The Boys seemed happy and still had lots of energy. By almost 11.30 Victorian time we managed to get them to bed. Pheww…!! Such a long trip only to go to Edenbloodyhope though!

The next 3 days I felt so sick and dopey so all I did just lying around in the couch which was very enjoyable. I normally always on the go go mood on holidays, so it was surprised me that just relaxing and lying around and reading mags, actually was quite nice.We went to visit some uncles and aunties of course, that’s a ritual that we have to do every time we get back to Edenhope. The Boys were having absolutely great time at Daniel’s farm playing and running around and chasing the dogs or the sheeps (poor animals).

Dylan was so in love with Daffy, our dog, that is now adopted by Timbo. We left Daffy with Daniel’s parents almost 5 years ago when we had to move to England from Australia. We just couldn’t bear the thought that he has to spend 6 months in quarantine before he can join us in England. So, we left him at Daniel’s parents and since then he belongs to them. Although we could have him back anytime but I just don’t have a heart to do it since Timbo loves Daffy very much. And at the moment I’m pretty busy with my two “puppies” let alone have another real one, though always like the idea to have another ‘daffy’ or a labrador…

halls gap caravan park

in front of our cabin

the kangaroos just milling around in the background

We spent 3 nights at the place called Halls Gap, it’s in the Grampians mountain. Check it out at and two nights at Robe a little beach town in South Australia. The Boys (including Daniel) went fishing in Robe harbour. And Dylan actually did catch a fish, even though it was little one!

robe beach

While we were at Halls Gap we visitied Halls Gap Wildlife Park and Zoo which I think it’s quite interesting. It’s not as big and flash as Taroonga Zoo in NSW but somehow I find this one is more natural and friendly. Also there’s children playground and picnic area. For more info —->

dylan and trixie the deer

with a wallabie

having lunch in front of the fire at borough hut

We did enjoy our holiday in Victoria and South Australia, it was a good break for Daniel and myself. It was good for Nathan and Dylan too, to catch up with their cousins Max and Will and spent more time with them.

For more pictures you can see them in my flickr.

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