So, They Are Going Next Year…

Couple weeks ago I attended parents meeting session at Nathan and Dylan’s Kindergarten. I didn’t realize that time flies so fast. I can’t believe that next year they go to Kindy. Feel like just yesterday we potty trained them! Somehow, thinking that they are going to Kindy make me feel a bit mellow. I don’t have any reasons why. It’s just probably me being a silly mum. One thing for sure, it’s the end of sleeping in for me!

Couple days after the meeting the Boys and I went for their Kindy orientation. Straight away they were busy playing with blocks, toys, crayons, and very excited when they saw the playground area. The teachers showed us where they should hang their bags, the toilets, and library. Both Nathan and Dylan said to me that they want to go to Kindy every day and every day! I smiled. Just let’s see what is going to happen next year when I have to leave them there. But I’m hoping because they’ve been going to day care since they were 11 months old, that they will get used to go to Kindy as well. So far they haven’t shown any sign of separation anxiety at the day care. Fingers cross they will do the same at the Kindy. Though the teachers told us not too worried about that if it happens.
I’m not too worried about the separation, but there are other things that bother me sometimes. I have been so worried about their intellectual attitude. They are 3.5 years old but they can’t count properly yet and only can say the alphabetical until G and the rest will be just mumbled and tumbled through the end. I know I should not compare with other kids but sometimes I just can’t help. When my friend’s son can count one until ten and sing the ABC alphabet perfectly and he is just 2 years old, I’m so panic! Not that I don’t teach them at home. I do. But they get bored pretty quick and don’t want to do it. So I try to limit at least 15 minutes every day. When I spoke about this to the teacher, she said it’s pretty normal for kids at their age wanting to play more than learning ABC or counting. That’s what they should do at their age. She assured me that Nathan and Dylan are normal, they will get it sooner or later. Every child is different. Well…yes I know, but still though I’m so worried and it makes me feel like I’m failure as a mother. Now I feel more pressure to teach them 1 2 3 and the alphabet before they go to Kindy.

To add more to my stress is my mother. She thinks that I should teach them bahasa Indonesia now before it’s too late. In her opinion it’s good for the Boys to speak bilingual, and yes I do agree with her. But the realization is not as easy as you think. My husband and I both communicate in English mostly. His Indonesian is very very little and I guess I’m not patient enough to teach him. Obviously I’m not a good teacher, because we’ve been married for 8 years and his vocabulary is still the same, no more no less. I guess it’s just my laziness and impatient that I’m reluctant to teach them bahasa Indonesia. I find it’s easy to speak in English rather than have to translate back and forward. Though my English is not good either.

Being a parents is not an easy job, let alone if you want to be a good parents. For me I want my children to learn things more for their own good rather than for competition with others. I suppose being a mother I always want my children to get the best of life. I can teach them and show them but the rest is up to them. At the end of the day, all I want for them is to be a happy and healthy children. That’s the most important thing in this life.

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