Here's to 2008

Happy New Year!

First I am thanking all of you who has sent us lovely Christmas greetings and cards. I apologize for being so slack this year that I haven’t sent even one card. I will make it up for the next season, it’s one of my new year’s resolution that I have to be more organised in every thing. But our thought is always with you and hope you all had a wonderful holidays and safe New Year and good health — that’s the most important thing in life.

Year 2007 was a hectic year for us. First, Daniel changed job twice and spent a lot of time offshore more than last year. He just spent 7 weeks altogether last October – November working in Darwin. He missed the Boys’ third birthday, his birthday, and also our 8th anniversary. But, we also enjoyed our holidays together to Sydney in June, and went back to Victoria in October. Plus a little holiday to Pemberton just recently. I also managed to go back to Indonesia with the Boys. That was the first time for Nathan and Dylan to visit Jakarta and met with few of the uncles and aunties and my old friends from school. It was only a very short visit, just 7 days altogether but we had a wonderful time.

at jakarta’s airport – march 07

sydney – june 07

Nathan and Dylan are growing from toddlers to little boys now. They are really an out-door type of kids. They spend most of the time playing outside, riding their bikes like a lunatic, or climbing trees, the monkey bar like one, and also love the pool very much. They can swim and dive down pretty good now. Still, they love their Lego’s and Thomas the train is the love of Nathan’s life and Spiderman is Dylan’s hero, though he has never seen the movie! Nathan also love to color and draw a lots. Crayons, markers, drawing books, papers, are every where around the house. Parks and playgrounds are also become our ritual visit, especially when Dan was away.

Mostly my routine is juggling day to day life, running errands around the house, going here and there with the Boys, doing my outdoor exercise, and socialise with my friends. It sounds pretty good, huh? Though sometimes I found it was hard being solo when Dan’s offshore for a long time. I’ll never ever get used to it. Ohh…I almost forget to mention that I actually managed to get a job and worked at Myer department store even though for very short time. And also the highlight of my year was that I became an Aussie chick on April last year. Though I’m pround to be an Australian citizen I am still the same me as I was before. I was always asked by my friends, how did I feel, did I change, etc. To me, become an Australian doesn’t change any inch of my personality. It wouldn’t stop me from visiting Indonesia and more importantly it wouldn’t change my love for my families and friends. And of course, I still love my rice and sambal!!

at my citizenship ceremony with the perth’s mayor – april 07

We put our house on the market for sale in November, hopefully we will get an offer soon. Meanwhile our dream house is slowly materialising. We have agreed the final design and hope we won’t change it again! At the moment, we’ve got council approval, the old house was knocked down completely, so hopefully by late 2008 we will have roof over our heads that we can call our dream home.

Nathan and Dylan are going to Kindergarten this year, twice a week, at Queen of Apostles near our home. Last time when we went for orientation day they both loved it and said that they would like to go to Kindy ” every day and every day ” 😀 We’ll see how they go later next month. I have got plenty of hand-me-down uniforms from our friends whose children also go to the same school as the Boys. Which I really appreciate, saves me time and money to buy double the uniforms!

We celebrated Christmas at home with families and friends. It was a stinking hot day in Perth, 40 degree and we were eating turkey and roast pork can you believe it?! The pool was the only solution after that!

On New Year’s eve we went to our friend’s place to welcome the new coming year.

No matter what year you’ve had, we wish you all a very Happy New Year! And may this year will bring us more joy and success.

Love from all of us!

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