100 things that make me happy – list

I decided to complete this list. In some ways, this process made me feel very spoiled. I thought of all the people who live truly hard lives and can’t think of anything to make them happy (or they’re happy when they have something to eat). This list was, in that sense, an exercise to remind me that I am blessed and have much to be thankful for. At the same time, most of these things are free and easy to obtain.

Here’s to hoping that this list always brings me pleasure.

  1. a fresh fruit with tight flesh and sweet juice
  2. a giant sale at Myer or David Jones or Target
  3. a light rain that cools me off on a hot day
  4. a long drive with no destination in mind
  5. a new pair of warm pajamas
  6. a night sky so clear that I can see the stars
  7. autumn leaves turning every bright color and falling like pennies
  8. books I still remember from my childhood
  9. browsing a book store with no title in mind
  10. bundling myself up in scarves and hats to beat the cold
  11. chocolate catalogs
  12. climbing into a bed with fresh, tight sheets
  13. closing my eyes and feeling the subway train rush past me
  14. cold flowers fragrant flowers tied in a lei
  15. conversations with people that shift my view of the world
  16. cute photos of animals
  17. dancing like nobody is watching to a song that stirs me
  18. dreaming about traveling to far away places
  19. dresses that make me feel pretty
  20. driving my car on a quiet street and singing at the top of my lungs
  21. expensive hot chocolate that tastes like a melted candy bar
  22. cute cups and tea pots
  23. falling asleep on the beach with the sun on my back
  24. falling in love with a character in a novel
  25. my bright yellow havaianas
  26. fluffy feather pillows
  27. foil pinwheels in grape vineyards that look like tiny stars
  28. following my spontaneous impulses
  29. getting real mail
  30. grey, chromatic city skies
  31. happy memories about days shared in the past
  32. heated blankets
  33. hot, hearty soup served in a porcelain bowl
  34. laughing when I remember my childhood with my brother
  35. learning something new that interests me
  36. light, pink lemonade
  37. reading my crap magazines
  38. doing my scrapbooks and mosaic projects
  39. losing any sense of self when I salsa
  40. spend an afternoon in an out-door cafe with a nice chocolate cake and a cup of hot flat white
  41. connoisseur chocolate honey nougat
  42. movies I’ve seen a hundred times before
  43. photographs that show me the world
  44. chilled out on the beach
  45. red candies — jelly beans, starbursts, lifesavers, sour cherries, etc.
  46. relaxing after something stressful is over
  47. sapphires
  48. seeing an old friend and recognize his/her mannerisms immediately, even though I’d forgotten them
  49. smelling the faintest whiff of a stranger’s cologne when I walk past him
  50. sore muscles in the morning after a good workout
  51. strawberries and cherries covered in milk chocolate
  52. sweating so hard when I run that my underpants stick to my butt
  53. talking about life and love with somebody that understands me
  54. tattoos
  55. the artwork of Kurt Halsey
  56. the color brown paired with turquoise or pink
  57. the face of someone who loves me passionately
  58. the rush of excitement when I’m competing
  59. the smell of chlorine after I’ve swam laps
  60. thick, homemade quilts that have been loved ragged
  61. trees heavy with spring, green blossoms
  62. tropical islands
  63. trying a new recipe and being thrilled with the results
  64. very cold water in a bottle
  65. kayaking on the river
  66. waking up with the memory of a happy dream still lingering in my mind
  67. walking across a hot beach at night
  68. banana cake with nutella filling
  69. french-fries dip in chocolate sundae ice-cream
  70. watching talented dancers perform
  71. wearing a new pair of underwear
  72. wet hair that still smells like shampoo
  73. IKEA catalog
  74. zest soap bubbles clinging to my skin in the shower
  75. swimming in the sea
  76. watching my grey’s anatomy series
  77. putting on a brand new pair of underwear
  78. eating so much chocolate that my tummy hurts
  79. shopping at book stores or shoes stores
  80. having picnic at kings park
  81. eating nutella by the spoonful
  82. the first, i-love-you-so-much-mummy, hug my boys give me when i get home from somewhere
  83. bright, fresh, and cold flowers, especially touching my skin in a lei
  84. getting gift card from department stores, out of the blue
  85. sighing softly when i lie into bed to fall asleep, surrender by clean sheets and lots of pillows
  86. eating noodles at the odd hour of night, especially after a night-out
  87. when my mobile beeps and there’s a message that i long for
  88. sleep in on the week-ends (which is very very rarely)
  89. going to flea markets
  90. the smile on my boys face when they get excited
  91. watching a dance movie
  92. wet hair that still smells like shampoo
  93. the way that marshmallows grow in the microwave
  94. getting my junk mails from the mailbox and go through it together with my boys
  95. an expensive nice smell hand and body lotion
  96. a coordinated kitchen
  97. a new wardrobe
  98. watching a rom-com or girlie movie with my girlfriends
  99. watching my boys diving and swimming in the pool
  100. browsing through catalog for beautiful bed linens and fluffy soft towel

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