First Day

Today was the first day Nathan and Dylan went to Kindergarten.

They were ready since 9 o’clock in the morning, meanwhile today their group started at 12.30. They pestered me the whole morning with questions: “are you ready, mum? are we going now? or let’s go mum, we’ll be late”. Somehow, I kind of forgot or lost my memory and off we went by 11 with a stop at the fuel station first. By 11.15 we arrived at the Kindy, the first Kindy group was started at 9am til 11.30 haven’t finished yet. So, we waited for a while and I noticed there were no children from the Boys’ group. And suddenly my memory came back to me and I remembered that the Boys’ group was started at 12.30 not 11.30 . We went back home, lucky it’s only less than 5 minutes drive from our home to Kindy.

Later around 12.15 we went back again. This time, couple people I know were already there. After hung their bags and put their hats and drink bottles in the pigeon hole, we went inside the class and sat on the matt. The Boys were playing with the puzzles and suddenly, Nathan asked me, “mum…why don’t you go?” I was very surprised with his plead. Eventually when the bell rang at 12.30 I kissed them good bye and made my exit. I had mixed feeling when I left them there, happy and a bit sad, happy because I know they are happy and like the Kindy. Sad…? I guess because my two little baby monkeys is starting Kindy, seeing them in their uniform t-shirts and big bag-pack (which looked bigger than themselves) made me realized they are little boys now and are growing up every day.

I was 10 minutes early to pick them up. Nathan and Dylan told me that they enjoyed their Kindy and want to go every day and every day. The teachers also told me that they were happy and did lots of drawing and painting and played with the other kids as well.

These first three weeks they go only for 2.5 hours. And after that they will go full hours 9am until 3pm, twice a week which are Mondays and Wednesdays. Yaayyy….at least I will have a bit spare time on my own. No, I’m not planning to get a job yet. As I will be very busy moving house and also organising our other project. I learnt my lesson from the last time I worked. I ended up with disappointment because I had to quit since I couldn’t fulfilled their hours requirement. Even though, I had told them in the beginning that I could only did certain hours and days. This time I am happy enough to wait until next year when they go full time. Beside, I love to spend more time with them and enjoy their first year at Kindy.

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