Another Year Older

Dear Nathan and Dylan,

You are now four years old. To celebrate we gathered some of your Kindy friends (and my friends who have kids your age or older) to eat lemon cup cake, hawaiian pizza muffin, fried noodles and birthday cake. We were very lucky that day, as the weather is warm enough but not over-heated, even though now suppose to be autumn, just a perfect day to play at the foreshore playground. As couple days before, it showered almost every day even though not the whole day. Because if it turned out to shower then I have to move the party to our house and I can’t imagine how to accommodate about 12 kids plus 10 adults in our place. More precisely I don’t know what would the damage will be done to your playroom. As for just two of you and sometimes with one or two of your little friends have already wasted half hour of my time to try cleaning up and put all those Lego’s and train-set together in the place. Not to mention those crayons and markers that will be spread from inside the house right through the backyard! Of course I always asked you to clean up after playing time but then still I can’t expect you will do the proper job as I do. Call me a clean-tidy-freak Mum or my nickname is ‘Monica’ as from the tv series FRIENDS!

As I think over the last year that we’ve spent with you I’m forced to admit that it hasn’t been the easiest. Three kicked our asses and was by far more difficult than two. Maybe because you two are so much more verbal and have very specific ideas about the way things should be. It’s incredible hard for me especially when your Dad’s away for a lot of time. But despite the hard time I also enjoy spending time with both of you. I enjoy taking you to the Kindy twice a week, and so far you two really love Kindy, there would be always new things that you’ve learned or made at Kindy that you were so excited to show or tell me. And I’m as excited as you are to learn new things from other Mums that I met through Kindy. Also I enjoyed the volunteering work I did in your class.I was helping the teachers for two hours in your class, that way I could see with my own eyes how you two were doing in Kindy, how you two played with others or listened to your teachers. And it’s amazing me that you are such a good pupils!

Nathan and Dylan, you are unlike any other kid I’ve known, you two are more challenging, more stubborn, often more cantankerous. And often I feel that I’m not a good mother for you two, as I don’t have lots of patients as other Mums have, and I’m trying so hard not to scream back to you. You have to know that I’m really not very happy with that behaviour of mine and every day, every day, I’m still learning to be a better person and decent mother to both of you. Being a parent is a hard work, there are no real roles, you just plug along and do what works.

Happy 4th Birthday my lovely Boys.



2 thoughts on “Another Year Older

  1. Hi Ria,It’s been a while since I last read your entries on Multiply :)How are you doing?This post is so sweet.Cheers!


  2. Hi there,Thanks for dropping by my site. Yeah, I rarely posting on Multiply anymore I have lost confidence writing and posting on MP at the moment. Maybe it will back to me again sometime.Anyhow…are you the one with the name Juicy Yan before? If so, this is your blog then…it’s cool!Keep in touch!Ria


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