I Want….I Want…I Want….

EDIT: I think this post was a bit immature of me. But, at that moment this was what I feel. Though, I still want these things below but maybe one by one it will happen and one day…
Here’s the list of the things that I want or would love to do or to have, in a short future. What I mean is I want it to happen not next year or couple years later….but very soon!
  1. First, I’m in need of holiday. I really really would love to go somewhere for couple days or weeks for some rest and relax, out of my boring and routine life at the moment. Precisely, I want to go to Bali, I’m longing for a massage, yummy food, and the atmosphere. My second option, I would love to go to Broome in WA with a camper trailer. I’m sure the Boys would have much fun. It’s a perfect time to go to Broome too as winter is approaching Perth, but it’s always sunny days in Broome. And not speaking about ‘the Broome pearl’ too!

  2. Second, I would love to have a new car to replace my old Commodore station wagon. Maybe this is a bit ridiculous, but I think I deserve a new car. There’s nothing wrong with the wagon yet, except it looks like a morgue car and inside is so grabby and full of rubbish. I know you would say, well clean the bloody car you spoilt bitch! Anyhow this is only me wanting something. Though according to my parents in law we should, if possible, changing our car within five years or so, for it’s not too old when you are goin g to sell again. My dream cars are; 4WD Mazda CX7 or Holden Captiva….or Navara Ute will do me *wink*

  3. I want a nice bling bling…either it’s a necklace or ring or both even better 😀

  4. I want to be able to read lots of books without any disturbances.

  5. The last one is for me to have more time alone so I can do my Mosaic project again. I’ve been planning to finish my ‘tray’ project that has been almost a year on hold. Oh…and also I want to do my herb gardening too. Got some parsley, coriander, and basil to plant but so little time to fit in. Though I’ve been baking lots of cupcakes lately!

So, those are my wishes and I don’t really know when it would be happened. Especially for number one and two. Surely, number five will be happening soon in the week-end!

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