Michael Bubble in Concert

The show was really rock! It was opened with a group of South African singers who called themselves Naturally 7. Naturally 7 is group of seven R & B singers/ band from New York. Everything you hear is the human voice, no instruments are used (Acappella). It’s hard to believe actually unless you see it yourself.

The initial MB shown on the curtains when Michael Bubble made his way onto the stage. He began the night with I’m Your Man, much to the delight of the women in the audience. As an entertainer Bubble is very good and also a bit of comedian, as he mimicked a man who gave him water as he walked away and he was quite funny too when he tried to talk to 6 years old girl who was sucking her thumb. When he asked the girl, “how are you?” and the girl didn’t answer him but back to sucking her thumb, Bubble said, “that’s always the reaction I got from the girls every time I tried to chat with them”.

There was a great energy throughout the evening as he promised the audience. He made everyone lift their right hand up and put it on the leg of the person next to them. It would be a bit awkward if you don’t know the person. Another funny moment was when Bubble tried to convince the men in the crowd that he was going to sing something macho and turned out he sang Village People’s YMCA!

A lover of the swing and jazz Bubble sang such songs as Mr. & Mrs. Jones, Always on My Mind and he also sang few of his song, one is called Home which was teamed with a landmark of Perth. The screen displayed Eagles, Dockers, Western Force & Glory logos made some of the audiences had a teary eyes.
He closed the show with his Everything and thanked everyone for coming to see him. Everyone walks out with smiles on their faces and women for sure swoon by Bubble. And to top the night, my girlfriend – who happened to celebrate her big 40 that night – and I got invited to Michael’s after show private party at the Sheraton Hotel. I almost fainted! Woohoo….what a night!!!

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