Mamma Mia! – The Movie –

Two weeks ago on Friday night I went to Cygnet cinema in Como to see Mamma Mia! with another 300 women altogether. The movie night was to help to raise funds for the orphanage in Tyumen. Every dollar will be spent directly on the children in orphanage. So I had a fun night and also did my charity.

From start to finish Mamma Mia! never tries to be anything more than it is, a bit of fun! It is about Donna (played by Meryl Streep) a single mother who owns a small hotel in Greek Island. Her daughter Sophie is about to get married. For her wedding Sophie has secretly invited three male guest from her mother’s past life, all of them can be…her father.

The storyline and character is not that special, but this movie is aim for movie goers who are keen for a fun night out. The story is just simple and cliche but it’s interesting. And the location in Greek Island…the blue sky and ocean, pretty settings, it’s just fabulous. I’m dreaming to go there one day!

Meryl Streep plays her character very well and she has a strong voice too. Colin Firth (God, I love him!) is so cool and groovy, I like the way he’s singing and dancing! While Pierce Brosnan’s singing talent put the audience into a good laugh, though he’s not that bad singer I think.

I love the tracks like Dancing Queen, SOS, Money, Money, Money, and of course Mamma Mia. They are all so instantly familiar but not boring. If I have to live in musical life I would definitely choose to live in Mamma Mia!

So, pop open the bubbly, load yourselves up and prepare for a good old fashioned girly sing along! I definitely can’t wait for the DVD to come out!!

One response to “Mamma Mia! – The Movie –”

  1. this is one of the few plays i’ve actually seen, which ended up being great… it’s funny to think of ol’ Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh


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