When The Weather Is Cold

I know it’s still winter in here. The weather though it’s not freezing cold, but can be pretty chilly especially in the evening. And since my DH is still home, he’s due to go back offshore again on Thursday, we decided to go to Dunsborough for our weekend mini-break. We rented a house from an old friend’s of Dan right in front of the beach. The house itself is kind of old junk house style. You know the one with wallpaper every where and bright blue carpet and a very bright cooper range hood in the kitchen. In general it’s livable and the most important thing is it is clean, the bathrooms and toilets and hot water are working. It can sleep probably 12 people. It has 3 roomy bedrooms, one is master bedroom with WIR, other has 2 single beds, and the third room has 3 single beds, plus a bunk bed and single bed in the back room and lots of mattresses and blankets. You only need to bring your own sheets. If you want to know more about staying(renting) in this house, you can email or contact me.

We arrive around 2.30 in the afternoon at Dunsborough. After dumped all our bags at the house, we went for a walk to the Geographe Beach. Didn’t walk for long, as the big dark cloud started to come and drizzle of rains were pouring. Instead, we drove along the beach and checked out all those gorgeous holiday homes and the town centre. Until the Boys spotted a playground near the beach then we outta stop, no matter what. Fortunately the rain stopped. DH and I headed to the nearby beach that is still part of the Geographe beach, while the Boys were swinging and climbing at the playground. We continued driving to Bunker Bay which is a bay with very pretty setting, it’s so picturesque. We didn’t muck around too long in here as it started to get dark and was very cold. We made a point that we would come back tomorrow. After stocked up some food at IGA in town centre, we had dinner at the pub restaurant called Altitude which is child friendly enough. My prawn with lime and dried noodles was so yummy.

On Saturday after breakfast and packed our sandwich for lunch, we headed to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The lighthouse was made from limestone blocks quarried at Bunker Bay. With the tour guide we climbed to the top of the lighthouse. Again it was very cold and windy day. Just when we stepped out from the lighthouse the rain started to pour. How lovely!

Lucky when we got to Bunker Bay the rain stopped and the sun came out shyly. The Boys had a great time climbing all the rocks, playing in the sand, and caught crabs. From here we stopped at Bunkers Beach Cafe initially I didn’t intend to have lunch here. But when I spotted the baby squid roasted and linguine pasta, I forget my waist-line. And it wasn’t disappointed, the pasta was very delicious and fresh. The Boys had home-made scone with cream and strawberry while DH had yummy carrot cake and coffee. Then we had four wheel driving to Eagle Bay and Meelup Beach, before heading back to our rented house. The Boys and DH went for fishing in the sea while I stayed home curled up near the fire and read my crab mags. He caught a herring, so we cleaned and took it home back to Perth.

Sunday, we got out of bed a bit late. After breakfast and cleaned up the house a bit we headed to Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup. Because my fear of cave I didn’t go to the cave instead waited at the Cafe shop. From Ngilgi we went to Canal Rocks which located in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. The Canal is very spectacular, lots of protruding rocks forming a natural canal which is popular with fishermen and photographers. Even I couldn’t help taking lots and lots and lots of pictures of those amazing rocks. Once again, the weather wasn’t very friendly in the end. But I had enough couple good snaps of the surrounding.

Before heading back home we stopped at Simmo’s ice creamery place. I know, it was cold but The Boys wanted ice-cream so we thought we would try this place. The good thing about Simmo, it also has a playground for kids, BBQ facilities, mini-golf course, and lots and lots of lawn. Dylan as always had lemon sorbet as his fav flavour, Nathan had orange choc-chip, DH had java coffee, and I indulged in Ferrero Roche….yummm! We got home around 6.30 in the evening. It was indeed a nice short break week-end away. 


For more pictures please have a look at the What’s On column on the right top corner of my blog.

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