This Is What He Do

As you probably know that my husband works for an oil and gas company. He’s been in this industry for as long as I’ve known him, well for almost 20 years if I am not wrong. I met him through work when we were working together for an oil company in Indonesia.
At the moment he is working offshore in Goodwyn project for Woodside, he’s on two weeks on two weeks off basis until this project is finish which probably around December. It is on the north west shelf of Western Australia about 40 minutes chopper ride from Karratha. He’s supervising for hydraulic workovers which is replacing 4000 meters ( or about 4 kilometers) of 7 5/8″ tubing. Okay, don’t ask me more about it. Just have a look at these pictures below.
This is a picture of the Hydraulic work over unit.

5 thoughts on “This Is What He Do

  1. indeed the scenery is nice yea? or maybe the one who took the pic is the clever one. not sure about social life but definitely they have very good food (including yummy dessert) that’s why every time offshore Dan’s getting fatter!


  2. duh gmana yaa ri,rasanya kerja di offshore,dulu bokap gw sempet 4 tahun di offshore,tp sebelom merit ma emak gw hehehehehexaimee


  3. Ria, tahun lalu Merv pernah dapet kerjaan untuk install dumbwaiter di Karratha juga tapi nama companynya Songa Mercur dan pernah install di Singapore juga sih..


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