It SUCKsss…

Yesterday on Saturday I had my first garage sale. I didn’t really plan and organise it very good. Like, I didn’t put an ad in IGA or put a big sign of garage sale in the main street. Basically I just sent text messages to my friends and only put the sign on Saturday morning, one in front of my house and the other one in the street near our place.

At 10 in the morning I took out the stuff that are for sale, my little helpers are Nathan and Dylan. And we waited for people to come. It sucks though, from 10 am til 3 in the afternoon there were only 3 people came and only 1 bought! Aarrrggghhhh….. And the Boys kept asking me, “why no people coming mummy?” on and on the whole afternoon.

the boys had their lunch

At 3 o’clock I decided to close my sale and put all my stuff back in to the house. In conclusion that day I only got $5! Days before the garage sale my friends came and they bought couple bags and some clothes, so in the end I’ve made around 150 bucks that was all. Not too bad I reckoned considering the bad advertisement and publication:D

So, in another couple weeks I am going to hold another garage sale again. This time I will collaborate with some of my friends so we have more stuff to sale and for sure we are going to do better advertisement about that. Well, at least I am trying to earn a little money to add to my saving to buy…… something that I have been longing for long time….sshhh….it’s a secret:-)

4 responses to “It SUCKsss…”

  1. Ya, as you said, there will always be next time 🙂 Cita2nya mau beli apaan Ri…? Bilang2 dong – pake bhs Indonesia aja biar orang pd gak tau.. 😀 😀


  2. aahhh…jadi malu dey:p gini loh aku lagi pengen punya/beli camera DSLR, yang sederhana aza karna basically cuma untuk pribadi sambil belajar…gitu lohh…maklum, soalnya demen di foto dan suka mem-foto hehehe… sony cybershot yang aku punya skarang ini uda tua banget uda sering jatoh pula:p mau nambain sumbangan yik…silakan loh…hahahaaa!


  3. Huahahahha! Keren eh… gue pengen nih bikin garage sale. Cuma di sini apa2 mesti pake license, malas duluan :))


  4. Venny, sorry baru comment, gue kemarin2 abis camping di kalbarri. masa siy ven disana cuma garage sale aza musti pak elicense segala? ya kalo gitu emang males juga siy ya? kalo disini kan tinggal gelar aza:D


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