Christmas Is Almost Here

This morning when I went to Big W I saw lots of Christmas ornaments on display. It just suddenly hit me that Christmas is almost here again! And I panic a bit. Because I realized that I haven’t done or organised anything at all for this. I haven’t even thought about Christmas, hellowww….where am I??

I don’t know about you but in our family and also circle of friends we traditionally every year at Christmas time are sending and receiving gifts. From the oldest one until the youngest in the family I have to think what to buy or give…..every year….for both DH’s and my clans, our kids, and friends. From little pressies to greeting cards. Oh…not to mention, the neighbors too! I used to start as early as September to do my Christmas shopping. Budgeting, make a list whom to send the season greeting cards, what kind of stuff have to buy for this one and that one, and then go out shopping. That is supposed to be the fun part but also can give me headache. Young kids and men are always my biggest challenge. Hang on…. I can’t give him socks or t-shirt again, as I did last year!

This year October will be gone soon and I haven’t even made a list or let alone a budget for the Christmas shopping. My life lately seems so pack and full of things to do that I don’t have time or can’t manage to sit down and doing my list and budget. And I’m just a stay-at-home Mum…

We are all going back to Indonesia for Christmas this year. So, my shopping list will be more than last year definitely. This will be the first time since 2003 we are going to celebrate Christmas with my family in Jakarta. So I really don’t have long time enough to do every thing since we are leaving in the middle of December. I can’t believe time flies so fast. Another two months this year will end. A new year is coming. And I’m getting another year older….scary!

Anyhow….I better go to bed now. It’s very late and tomorrow is going to be hectic day with friend coming over, lunch out, kids gymnastic, and ohh….I almost forget, my husband is coming home tomorrow….yaayyy!

4 responses to “Christmas Is Almost Here”

  1. asik bgt ri mudik ke indonesia,sampe tgl brp? december itu sammy liburan spring break,kali aja bs ketemuan di jkt …natal bentar lg,cepet bgt yah!xaimee


  2. Hi Ria, Cepet banget disana suasana Natalnya udah dimulai… :DChristmastime is simply the best!!! Seneng yaaaaa… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Ria darling,gw mau bales PM lo di mp tp pm lo ilang,gw bales disini aja yah…bisnis kecil2an kok ri,kerjaan gw skr promosiin spa product dari bali,ke hotel2 bintang 5…productnya itu dari bahan alami..selain spa product gw jg jualan piring dari bali untuk hotel2 bintang 5 juga..productnya terkenal banget deh dikalangan hotel international,so far gw masih ngintil partner gw,krn gw masih mempelajari product2nya…tp udah lumayan sih…ayo bisnis bareng yuk ri…mee


  4. aimee: gue pulang jakarta tgl 18 dec sampe 4 jan 09…elo juga ada rencana mau balik? yuukkk….biar kita bisa copy darat…heheheenila: iya nil, disini uda sejak dari oct awal hiasan2 natal ditoko dan jalan2 uda pada beredar. yea, i love christmas, the atmosphere, the feeling, is, simply the best ya?! elo pulang ke jakarta ga this xmas? or mau xmas-an in singapore?


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