Home Sweet Home

We are in the process of building our dream home. Though in reality I had to be brought back to the real thing. You know before I had intention to make our home looks like the one that I pulled out from the HOME or Real Living magazines or any nice pictures of a beautiful home that I like. I wanted timber frame around all the doors and windows, I wanted to have lime stones for the out-wall, I wanted to have mosaic theme ceramic in the master bathroom, etc, etc, that in the end I have to come down to our budget! Do you know that if you want to have a french door it’s way bit dearer than normal door? If you want to have a divider between your toilette and shower it will cost you as much as a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes? So, which one you choose Jimmy Choo or a toilette divider??

Though in the end I think we will still get what we want the house look like as per our original plan, just a bit adjustment in here and there. And you know if you can save some things in here than you can have a chandelier light in your living room….not that we are going to have one! But the whole process of building your own house from scratch is a headache and sometimes can make you feel like you want to bang a hammer on your husband or partner’s head so that he understands from your point of view. So that he agrees that corner in the kitchen should be just for breakfast and coffee making. Or so that he can understand why you need a bigger WIR than him!

Also the time consuming when you have to choose the lighting’s for the entire house, the doors handles (there are different types of handles for each door or at least the front/main door handle is different from the entire doors), the color and type for your kitchen/bathrooms bench. There are so many choices from cessar stones, granites, laminates, and they are all come in gorgeous colors! The back and forward not only to one or two shops but four or five, especially when your little ones are tagging along, tell me all about it, I’m the expert. One important key is you gotta have lots of food in your bag, from the healthy ones to the sweet sugary and chippy things. That at least would stop you from wanting to strangle them for couple minutes!

We are starting or I should say our Builder, to build on February this year. Now we are in “lock-in” stage, which means the outside of the house is 90% finish, windows and doors are installed and can be locked. Meanwhile inside is still in the finishing process. Floor, carpets, kitchenette and bathrooms, are not done yet. We have ordered all the tiles for the bathrooms and other rooms, but haven’t chosen the timber and carpet yet. They are working on the electric things at the moment, such as the whole lights in the house, power points, air-conditioning, heater, etc. But from outside the house is looking good. I’m excited and can’t wait until they have installed the kitchen and all the cabinets around the pantry area. As turn out my kitchen won’t be big, it’s a bit smaller than what we thought actually. Hopefully with the range of kitchenette that we have chosen it will make functional and spacey enough. I don’t want big kitchen anyway, because I don’t want to spend the entire of my life in it!

When we first bought this house, it was an old kinda Mediterranean house. We rented it out for about a year or so before we decided to build. We are trying to keep some of the trees but unfortunately the mango tree gotta go. We actually tried to save it, but then it was summer and no matter how much we watered it, it died eventually. Our house is in the cul-de-sac street. And we already knew most of the neighbors in our street, two of them have children similar age as Nathan and Dylan, three are old couples, and one is working parents with teenagers kids. The house that we are building now is not a big type of mansion kind of house. We love the Australia country look like house, with some native bush in the front yard. It’s two storeys house with 4 bedrooms. It’s not gonna be big house as again I don’t really want to spend my whole time cleaning the house, but it will be cosy and Eco-friendly. Well, the latter one is actually more to Dan being a greener so we will try as much as we can to make our house green enough and Eco friendly.

We are hoping by next year most likely around March we can move in to our home sweet home. I am very excited to decorate the house, to choose the color for this room and that room and just looking forward for us to living in there. Unfortunately, according to Mr. Greenie we won’t buy any new furnitures yet. Just the 2 single beds or bunk beds for the Boys, that’s it. Let’s see if I can change his mind a bit….:D

Here are some pictures:

the house before demolishing

demolition in progress

the old house was gone!

this post makes from jarrah, Dan and I went to Pinjarra to get them!

the back of the house

the fire place in the living

the house from the side

from the front

this is the pic of the recess bathroom in master bathroom that i would like to have

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