On This Day Nine Years Ago

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of the evening Dan and I stood in front of our family and friends and vowed to give each other shit for the rest of our lives. And again like last year he was not here to celebrate with me. He’s offshore in Karatha. Not that we would have big celebration if he were home, but I would like to think that we could have nice dinner out, just two of us, so that we can talk freely without any interruption of those two little voices.

And not like last year, this time I didn’t or haven’t bought anything for our present yet. I lashed out on an expensive designer brand sunniest for our 8th anniversary. I know it’s not a kind of present that we both can use it. But that was my compensation for being just by myself on our special day. Well, that was my excuse anyway. Actually, I have bought him a pair of jeans to replace the one that he lost somewhere. Is my husband the only person in the world that I know always losing his clothes? He lost his nice winter jacket that was a present from his Mum couple years ago. Not too mention it’s always difficult for us to buy him clothes, plus he doesn’t like to collect clothes like me. So when you only have couple t-shirts and jeans in your wardrobe you better look after them, don’t you think?

I would not say we are sailing our boat smoothly these 9 years. There is time that we feel like to knock each other in the head every night. We have been through a few unpleasant situation, an unemployment, children problems that is mostly drive us into a big argument and disagreement. Once I threw my keys at my husband’s head because I thought he didn’t understand. He didn’t leave me. We made it through it all. And it wasn’t easy, there were times when both of us didn’t know if we were going to make it but loved each other enough that we were willing to try.

Well, I’m very much looking forward to the morning nine years from now when he and I are taking a few moments before the chaos of the day consumes us, and we can look back and talk in three second sentences 😀

Happy 9th Anniversary, Sweetheart. I hope you got time up there to read this.

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