[ road trip ] Kalbarri….here we come!

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We finally took a plunge to go to Kalbarri in the spring of October, with the camper trailer. we lent from Dan’s brother. We left on Saturday afternoon and spent a night at Port Denison, Dongara before continued our trip to Kalbarri the next day.At noon on Sunday we finally arrived inKalbarri.Kalbarri is about 590km north of Perth. It was 35 degree when we setting up the camp at the Murchison Caravan Park. Hot…hot…hott…We stayed 4 night at the caravan park before moving to the service apartment on the last day. Noice…noice…noice…:D

The Boys had lots of fun swimming, snorkeling, and playing around the Murchison River, Blue Hole, Pot Alley, and Red Bluff is just gorgeous!

This is a late posting, but it’s better than nothing:p

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Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue and white chinas, thrifty finds, occasionally I like to bake and cook something delicious for my teenager twin boys and le hubby. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as a mama, wife, and human being, sharing my piece of mind and some good and not so good photos. Because I'm not a professional photographer or blogger. Just a blogger mama wanna be!😜 So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, just close this page and no rude comment, as simple as that. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

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