2008 The Year That Was

When I look back at the photos and stories from the past 12 months I’m reminded of how lucky and blessed I’m to have a supportive husband, healthy and beautiful children who fill each day with laughter, a gorgeous neurotic dog who once run off for a night because he was petrified of the fireworks (and was in Xanax, an anti-depressant tablet for a while), the spanking new house that’s still in the finishing stage , and the luxury of not having to fear for my life.


In 2008 we went to Bali for our yearly holiday and it was fun-tastic and we all had a great time for 12 blissful days. Not to mention the shops, massage, and food that I adored so much! The Water Boom Park was a big hit for Nathan and Dylan. Until now they keep saying that they would love to go back to Bali again. We also went back to Jakarta for Christmas. And though I didn’t really have a good time over there, but the children were very happy and enjoyed the company of their Oma and uncle Zuqni, my brother.



Nathan and Dylan also went for their Kindy last year which was twice a week every Mondays and Wednesdays. It gave such a good break for me, especially when my always – offshore – husband was not home. At least it kept my sanity level in balance. They quiet enjoyed their time in Kindy and they have learned lots. When I watched them singing Christmas carols at their Kindy’s Christmas party I couldn’t stop the tears coming, they looked more like a little boy now. I suddenly don’t remember the hard times I had looking after them 24/7 in this four and half years. This year they will be full time in pre-primary. Sometimes I feel sorry and think that they are too little to spend 5 days from 9 until 3 at school. And also make me realise that it will be so little time I will spend with them. Hmmm….wait until it happens and maybe I won’t want them to come home! JOKING!!!


In socialising department I made couple new friends but I also had a very bad experienced in friendship matter. I’m disappointed that some people that I have known very well now just became the people that I knew. It taught me a big lesson too about being in the circle of friends in here. It makes me very careful now to choose my friends. I rather have little good friends than lots but they are all toxic. I know not everything is exactly the way it ought to be, I will leave the memories behind and believe that every thing is happen for a reason.


This year we are looking forward to move to our new house as early as March. Though I’m not that keen to pack and unpack but I’m excited. The house is probably just 60 percent finished, and still have loads of things to be done. I feel during this festive season the progress is getting slower. Hopefully starting next week the builder will speed their work. I can’t wait to decorate the house, though I’m not allowed to buy new furniture except for the Boys’ new beds! Let me see if I can smooth this agreement a bit:-)

As the new year comes the resolution follows. I have no resolutions for 2009 except to try to become a better person and better wife and mother for my husband and children. I suppose I am kinda giving up my dreams to work or to have my own business. Because I never know when it will happen. I will just go with the flow, wait until the children are settle at their school and the house is finished and we also settle in the new house. Honestly I can’t handle working, moving house, and kids’ school stuff all at once. I have learnt my lesson for this pretty well too in the past.


Well, that’s all my year 2008 past. I hope and wish everyone a brilliant year 2009, good health, and may your dreams come true.

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