When A Woman Thinks With Her Heart…

Below was the article from The Australian newspaper about a month ago. She used to be our family dentist for almost seven years. She was very good in doing her job as a dentist and professional. She was a soft spoken young woman too and pretty good with the children.

I don’t really care about her love story with the Mr. Millionaire, I do think she is silly by doing all these sort of things and probably she is just being a stupid lover who can’t get over the ex- and the revenge she was planning is back fire on her. But the most important thing is her use of methamphetamine/ice which she admitted it. Can you imagine your teeth being fixed by an ice user? Let alone for the children…. Thanks God nothing happened to my Boys!

Millionaire’s Lover Plotted Revenge

Article from: The Australian

A JILTED lover of Perth playboy and multi-millionaire Tim Roberts gave her assistant a map of Mr Roberts’s home, some sedatives and $1000 and told her she wanted the former Multiplex heir’s housekeeper drugged and her legs broken because she suspected the two were having an affair.

In a case described as having “more ingredients than a Hollywood soap opera”, Laurel Cetinic-Doral, Mr Roberts’s former girlfriend, is accused of breaking into his Cottesloe home, stealing his mobile phone and computer and attempting to pervert the course of justice by asking people to help her with an alibi. She has pleaded not guilty.

Yesterday, in Perth’s District Court, Ms Cetinic-Doral, a South Perth dentist, was also accused of sending an explicit photo of one of Mr Roberts’s lovers, Nicole Patterson, to another girlfriend, Brittany Oddy, on the stolen phone with the caption “Nicky’s big tits”.

In 2007, Mr Roberts sold his shares in Multiplex, the company his late father, John, founded. The shares, worth more than $1.1billion, were shared between himself, his brother, Andrew, and his sister, Denby Macgregor.

Testifying before a jury yesterday, Ms Cetinic-Doral’s dental nurse at the time, Natalie Franchi, said her boss had struggled with the end of her six-year relationship with Mr Roberts.

Ms Franchi told the court that initially her boss, who was also “quite a good friend”, wanted Mr Roberts’s housekeeper’s legs broken so she would be unable to work. “She was suspicious Tim Roberts and his housekeeper were sleeping together,” Ms Franchi said.

“I didn’t think she liked her very much … (she) wanted to break her legs so she couldn’t work for him. (It) progressed to duct taping over the mouth … drugging her (the housekeeper) and breaking her legs.” Ms Franchi told Ms Cetinic-Doral not to do anything herself and that there were “people who could do it for her”.

Following this conversation, Ms Cetinic-Doral gave Ms Franchi an envelope containing a hand-drawn map of Mr Roberts’s home, two Diazepam tablets and $1000 cash.

Ms Franchi said her boss later asked if the envelope had been passed on and she told her that it was out of her control. She agreed under cross-examination by defence lawyer Tom Hall that she was a methamphetamine user at the time, and that she had burned the map and spent the money at Perth’s Royal Show.

It was also revealed yesterday that two women Mr Roberts was seeing at the same time in 2007 both thought they were in a monogamous relationship.

Both Ms Patterson and Ms Oddy took the stand yesterday and testified that on July 12, 2007, they received phone calls from a woman claiming to be one of Mr Roberts’s lovers.

Ms Oddy, 25, was told she was speaking to Ms Patterson when in fact she was talking to Ms Cetinic-Doral.

Ms Oddy was told to “stay away” from Mr Roberts and she later received a text message from Mr Roberts’s phone telling her: “You ungrateful bitch, after everything I have done for you.”

Ms Patterson, 36, said she received photos in her letterbox of Mr Roberts with strippers taken when he was at a bucks party on the Abrolhos Islands, 400km northwest of Perth.

The court heard earlier that on the same day, Mr Roberts got a text message saying: “You weenie peanie f..k wanker. If you didn’t have money I would not have given you the time of day, you loser.”

Ms Franchi said Ms Centinic-Doral got into the house in the beachside suburb of Cottesloe by doing a “commando-style” roll under the garage door.

One thought on “When A Woman Thinks With Her Heart…

  1. Ms Oddy had been cheating with her long time boyfriend for over 6 months when seeing Tim Roberts. Brittany Oddy got what she deserves. Only treat people the way you’d like to be treated…


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