Casa Mahney

It’s almost about two weeks ago since we have moved in to our new house. It was an easier move than I had anticipated before. Dan and I did most of the moving….yes, we didn’t use the removals! A few friends showed up to help us lift the heavy stuff and took the kids for the whole day so we could do our work without any whinging and nagging noises from them. We couldn’t have made this move without the devotion and help of my good friends. That’s why in here I would like to thank all my beautiful friends for lending your helping hands to us. From giving us lots of boxes and newspapers, looking after my kids, and sending food so we didn’t have to think about dinner! Thanks a million, guys!

my two little helper

Also I have to thank my mother who stayed by my side the entire day to help pack dishes and a never ending stream of crap that has been collecting under the bed and in the corners of the house. Where did all of this stuff come from? I don’t understand how we have allowed this to happen to us, this stuff, this large ocean of meaningless junk that hovers around us like a dirt cloud.

During our transformation my mum and I worked until late of night to un-pack stuff, the hardest one was the kitchen and pantry things, to sweep and mope and re-mope again and again as dust just keep coming and coming. Inside the house is 80% live-able, the other 20% is to hang pictures and curtains/blinds. Dan is not fun to be around in situations involving hammers and plaster walls. He can become notoriously grumpy whenever I ask him to hang pictures inside the house, he doesn’t mind to hang outdoor ornaments though. Speaking of outdoor, he still hasn’t done installing my clothes hanging. So far I only can use those two little plastic hanging clothes.

I have asked our builder if I can use their handy-man to do the hanging jobs, though they said they would send him around last week, he still hasn’t showed up in my front door yet. Maybe it will be handy if I can learn to use the electric drill, it looks easy enough to use?

<img style="cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 214px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5364923217504255378" border="0"


my first time cooking in a new kitchen….helloww dishwasher!

It’s my own fault that I didn’t order the curtains and blinds earlier. I didn’t think it would take about six to eight weeks to get it done. So, in the meantime I’m sure the new neighbours are going to eye the tin foil suspiciously, like what sort of nicks have moved in next door? But, whatever I will make it up to them by inviting them over for a cuppa.

Our neighbourhood seems pretty laid back and for sure this cul-de-sac street has lots of children. Nathan and especially Dylan have made friends with the neighbor’s kids. They will ride their bikes or play with the skate-board along with their new friends. Dylan, one evening when I was busy cooking, invited himself to one of the neighbor’s house until they had to send him home, so embarrassing! The next morning when Dan was talking to the father he made a hint that he doesn’t really like if Dylan comes to their house. Hmmmm….!!! Apart from that incident, the other neighbor gave us a mango tree that he plants himself as a welcome pressie to the neighborhood.

Outside is still a bit mess. We are still waiting for the paving near the pool to be done. Due to bad weather unfortunately the work won’t even start until next week, again it depends on the weather. They can’t work if it rains as it won’t get the limestone finished and also it will change the color. At least the landscaping work has already started last week, we have lawn already so less sand around.

It’s a bit frustrated as we have to keep an eye on Sam the dog so he won’t dig on the lawn, yeah….he still likes to dig when he gets bored or lonely! I wish someone would like to adopt him just for a while… It has been so windy and miserable weather these couple days that’s impossible to walk him, and if he doesn’t get his walk he will dig….aarrgghhh… Today, Dan and the Boys walked him in the evening and they all were soaking wet from the rain when they got back home! I love dog, I love to have dog as a company and a guard, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have him. Sigh!

All in all we enjoy our house and are looking forward to have some fun, memories, and live together as a family in the house that we build. It’s not a big mansion nor a palace, it’s probably too claustrophobic and small for others taste. But it’s comfortable and cosy
and we love it. I’m still recovering from all the hard work and overwhelm moving house effect. I need to book myself to a nice spa and longing for a good massage 🙂

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