P!NK Rocks!!!

Daniel and I wanted to see Pink desperately since last year. So, this time we were so excited that we could get tickets. Though, Daniel was a bit nervous as he might go offshore and would miss out again. But it seems this year we are lucky enough, he didn’t have to go offshore until two days after Pink!

The concert started with Pink rising from below the stage, she was suspended high above the crowd hanging onto the hands of a male trapeze who proceeded to let go as she flipped 180 again and again and again. The audience were just stunned with their eyes remained glued to the ceiling. Pink is a real deal and no wonder the fans, who ranged from mums to teens were on their feet clapping and singing along to hits such as “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, ” You and Your Hand”, “So What”.

The stage set was dazzling, it was a blend of carnival and circus theme. Pink, she just kept changing outfit from the sexy red tight dress into a leotard and later changed to just simply red t-shirt and jeans, which I think it was gorgeous and so casual.

“Get the Party Started” was the climactic end with more acrobatics during which she was suspended from an aerial ribbon before being lowered below the stage and rising up soaking wet! Ohh….and yes, she also rocked out a songs from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” which are my two favorite songs ever!

So, even though my neck and feet hurt like a bitch for almost one and a half hour standing but it worth! She will return to play more shows in Perth on August, don’t miss it if you love P!NK.

One response to “P!NK Rocks!!!”

  1. omigoddddd… i love PINK!!!!!!!! aaaaahhh… u're so lucky to be able to see her LIVE!!!


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