Though Valentine’s day is not a real big thing in Australia as in USA, still people celebrate it, every where in the shops they have those pink and red love heart themes, and also here comes the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day the movie to hit cinemas started yesterday.  I know it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet:p

I went to see the movie last night with bunch of girlfriends, it’s soo…romantic, isn’t it…:) Well  it’s really a chick-flick romantic comedy, unless you are just boyfriends + girfriends, newly weds, or just a new comer to the relationship, or you’re gay…. but I don’t think any male species especially the ones who like to think that they are a ‘real man’ or ‘macho’ would like to spend 124 minutes watching McDreamy, McSteamy, and Bradley Cooper strut their charm in this romcom.

Yes, the movie has a crazy star studded cast list containing Patrick Dempsey aka McDreamy and Eric Dane aka McSteamy in Grey’s Anatomy series, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Lautner, Shirley Maclane.

Valentine’s Day is more less a bit the same movie as Love Actually, only this one takes place on valentine’s day instead of Christmas.  I like the movie, not because it has Bradley Cooper and Patrick Dempsey, oh…and Eric Dane but I think it’s refreshing and funny enough.

The movie begins with Ashton Kucher who owns a flower shop in LA asked his girlfriend Jessica Alba to marry him on Valentine’s Day.  She said yes but later return the ring as she loves her high career more than him ( damn her! I would like to swap place with her, if I was still single :p ) Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is up set because her heart surgery Patrick Dempsey boyfriend has to fly to San Fransisco on Valentine’s Day but he actually just goes back to his wife who lives in LA too.  And Anne Hathaway has to juggle between secretary/receptionist job and telephone sex work.  I think Anne is very funny in this  movie.

Okay  I’m not going to elaborate every details of the movie here.  Grab your girlfriends or drag your man and go hit the cinema!

As from me I would like to say happy valentine’s day everyone!  Hope you will be filled with chocolates and strawberries and a bubbly and the most important thing that you are surrounded with your love ones.

2 responses to “valentine'day”

  1. I’ve never thought Valentine is a special day, it’s just an overexposed, commercially made, holiday. However, every Valentine I wish my partner would remember to bring me flowers and chocolate *lol.

    So imagine 2 years a go my husband decided to… watch a football game! (

    Nice blog by the way 🙂


  2. hellowww…thanks for dropping by:)

    agreed with you. and same here too, though i always say to hubby am not celebrating it,it’s not important, but still i expect at least a box of chocolate :p

    love your blog too and very agreed with your post about watching football on v-day 😀


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