Sex and the City 2Went to see Sex And The City 2 with a girlfriend last week.  I was hoping to get the same excitement and amusement as when I watched the first one.  The mood in the cinema was certainly upbeat. We cheered as we heard the familiar tinkle of the theme song .  But two and a half hours later, the applause was muted and we all felt let down.

All Carrie wanted was Big,  now she’s married to him she’s not sure  if she wants to spend a night in watching black and white movies and enjoy home-made dinner,  or sipping Cosmopolitan at the fancy night club and party like a rock star.  She became that kind of wife whose a bit irritating with the whinning.

Charlotte wanted a baby and now she has two she can’t cope.  Lucky she can afford a cute nanny who doesn’t like to wear bra, but still she’s not happy.

All Miranda wanted was the perfect job and now she’s got it she doesn’t really want it. In fact, she doesn’t know what she wants.

While  Samantha ever wanted was lots of sex and now that she’s going through menopause she’s worried she’s not the woman she once was. If she can’t enjoy sex, can she enjoy anything?


If you ask me, SATC 2 is pure fantasy that every woman wants to has  and live in it.  What kind of woman who doesn’t like flying in first class to a destination holiday with the girlfriends, minus the kids,  and no husbands plus  bonus bumping into your gorgeous hunky-ex lover?  What kind of woman who doesn’t want to have a capable and reliable nanny so every time your child’s screaming you can straight away hand her/his over to the nanny?  And what kind of woman who can say NO to killer frocks ( I particularly love Miranda’s dress at the wedding) and delicious Jimmy Choo or Louboutin shoes? I DO want all of them if I could.


Despite the bad review I still enjoyed it purely as a fun night out with my girlfriend.  And for me the Charlotte/Miranda chat about motherhood was definitely one of the best bits.  The fashion was absolutely not sensible enough to be worn in normal life like most of us  – mothers with kids in tow who have to run errands ; Carrie wearing that massive  skirt with a t-shirt to the market?  Please…

Ok! I’m going to hand over to you now.  Are you going to see SATC2? Or you rather spend your money on something more valuable and wait for the DVD to come?


2 thoughts on “SATC 2

  1. I watched it with my two girl friends. The movie was just way too extravagance! that kind of skirt for a traditional bazaar? I didn’t like Carrie’s outfit in that movie. I prefer Miranda’s. 2 stars from 5. Oh btw, nice blog.


  2. I agreed 100% with you. I think the frocks are all a bit ridiculous though. After all I don’t think the story has a plot! And for 2.5 hours is a bit boring, though I don’t mind to see more of Aidan…hehehe…. Thanks for the compliment of my blog, darl 🙂


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