2011 in words and photos

So, it’s the end of another year, another 12 months full of color.

2011 was good for me.  It was the year filled with lot of traveling for me and my little family.  I went back to Jakarta my hometown with my two Boys sometime during the school holidays in July.  It’s always nice to see my mum and being treated like a princess back home 🙂  Though it was only a short 10 days visit but it was joyful.  In September for two weeks Mrs. Mahney went to NYC by herself, seriously! It was the highlight of my year and I would never ever forget the experience.  It was always my dream to see New York, so I was so excited after more less 30 hours flying across the Atlantic to finally landed at JFK.  I really had very pretty damn good time there.  I made new friends and caught up with my old friend who lives in Pittsburgh, after 10 or so years!  The 9 hours train ride from NYC to Pittsburgh was worth it!  I had to thank my wonderful husband for this, as he encouraged me to go and looked after my precious Boys while I was having fun! I love you, honey 🙂

From October to November, we made couple trips back and forward to my husband’s hometown in East state.  Those were not a pleasant trip at all.  Only within a month or less, both my parents-in-law passed away.  It was pretty sad and stressful time for all the family.

Middle of November until early December, we spent three weeks in Bali.  We stayed 6 days in north-west of Bali in a place called Pemuteran, which is very close to the Menjangan Island.  The  Adi Assri hotel is very comfortable,  every morning the boat would take us to the island where we spent almost the whole day diving and snorkeling.  Bliss!  The rest of our time in Bali, we stayed at Bali Breeze in Ubud.  I enjoyed my pampering very much and of course the food!

What follow is a collection of my favorite pictures in a slide show.  Another year, another wild ride!

See you in the New Year.

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