have you faked it?

Everyone is doing it! But I have had enough with it.  I am talking about fake lashes 🙂  It can open up your eyes and make you look beautiful it is true.  In  fact I was a big fan of false lashes!  I love it so much that I had spent couple hundred-dollar for it.  Unfortunately for that price it only can last max. two or three weeks that is if you really treat your lashes like a crystal bowl.

You can’t rub your eyes anytime you like, so you have to remember not to.  And when you wash your face you have to remind (quite often in my case) yourself not to clean the area near your eyelashes roughly, otherwise the glue won’t stick anymore and in the morning you will wake up with one lashes half hanging down above your eye while the other part still intact.  It happened once to me.  I didn’t realize until my Boys noticed and they screamed, “mummy….what’s wrong with your eyes? you look like a zombie!” I almost screamed myself too when I ran to see myself in the mirror!  Then, when you sweat from jogging or dancing it will sting your eyes, believe me it’s ouch!

Sometimes I’m amazed how myself and some women will go that far to make ourselves look….what?….beautiful of course ( or shallow? *wink*)  or at least we think it will make us  look  like a doll or Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany ( or Betty Boop!) with lush, thick, curly eyelashes! Won’t we ?!  I stop myself from fake lashes now because number one it only makes my real lashes fall and thinner.  Every time my fake ones start to fall somehow my real ones will follow too.   So in the end I will almost end up with bold lashes.

Now I am going back to au natural which is using mascara again (don’t worry I’m still shallow and can’t go bare without mascara). I’m in search for the best and affordable mascara, the one that can make my lashes thicker, longer but in natural way.  It comes to either Benefit They’re Real Mascara or Christian Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara.  Price wise Benefit is cheaper couple bucks than Christian Dior.  But which one is better? I am still in doubt.

Has anyone try one of this or both? What’s your verdict? I want a super sexy mascara that can tell false eye lashes to suck it!

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