[ road trip ] WA, SA, Vic, and Tasmania

My husband and I are pretty much love traveling.  Interstate and international we love to explore and experience new places.  It’s easier when it’s only two of us, but it doesn’t hold us back now that we have children.  My twins are good traveler since they were babies.  Maybe because they were exposed to it since they were 3 weeks old!

Traveling with toddler/baby is bit tricky than now that they are 8 years old.  At least no more nappy changing in every stop, mind you I have double of everything 🙂 My T1 is very observant  in the surrounding when we travel by car. He can occupy himself by reading or drawing, while the other one sometimes can be a lit bit handful.  All he wants to do either playing games on his DS or Ipad, or watching movie.  Which is alright, but as parents we would love to encourage him to look out of the window not only buried his head on games for hours.  I prefer him reading than playing on his games, which of course have to begin with argument and sulk.

Couple months ago, we traveled by car interstates for 5 weeks full.  Took us three nights 4 day from Western Australia to South Australia.  For those three nights we camped.  The Boys entertained themselves pretty good, from reading, playing on their games and watching movies then counting how many cows on the farm that we passed,  how many trucks, and singing.  We stayed one night in Victoria at our relative’s place on our way to Tasmania.  Left Port Melbourne around 6 in the evening the next day on the Spirit of Tasmania to be arrived in Davenport at 7am in the morning, rain, dark, and very cold!

I can say that we covered almost 80% of Tasmania, from East to West, North to South.  Our accommodation varied from rented house, B & B, caravan park, and out in the bush!  Not to mention camping on Bruny Island and got beaten by heavy pouring rain and thunderstorm and gusty wind.  I was amazed that our tents were still intact and we didn’t get wet at all! My T2 didn’t even noticed all the drama, as when we talked about it he was confused and said he didn’t hear anything.  Almighty!

Bruny Island Cruise

We cook most of the time while we’re traveling around Tasmania.  Except at the wedding reception and twice dinner out, for those 5 weeks I cooked more often than when we were at home! Food wise, we tried to cook simple thing such as pasta, rice, curry and BBQ. I am not big on camping but I have to admit that I enjoyed it.  The caravan parks and/or camping grounds are pretty good, the showers and toilets are clean and we didn’t even have to queue, the kitchen is also useable and has everything you need mostly.

My survival kits for traveling with children are:

  • Food including healthy snacks and bad snacks (lollies, when you have no other choice and/or run out of patience and entertainment)
  • Books
  • Travel diary, my kids love to write what’s on during our travel.
  • Games, such as card games or any other board games that easy to pack/bring.
  • Crayons, drawing books/coloring books.
  • And my last survival kit is the DVD. ( especially if you just longing for some peace and quite or adult conversations! )

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

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