is thank you a hard limit?

Thank you.  Danke. Merci. Terima Kasih. Gracias. Etc. All have the  same meaning.  But sadly, nowadays I seldom hear that word being said especially in the customer service department.

In my recent trip to my local IGA (supermarket) the young man or precisely the teenager male who stands behind the register  just stared blankly at me after handing my groceries bag.  No smile, no have a good day let alone thank you!  I said thank you to him and he just looked at me saying nothing not even a crack of smile on his face.  Oh hello??!! What’s wrong with you young man? Having a toothache?!

It is not my first time to experience this. Trying to be a good local and support my community I always try to shop at my nearby supermarket, it’s close to home and walking distance too.  But the service is a little disappointed.  While in Woolies or Coles they will help you putting your groceries in to your bag, here in my beloved IGA I don’t get that service.  Even though there are no customers queuing behind me, after stating how much I spend in total they would just ignore me and let me putting everything into  my  bag with no desire to help.  They would either biting their nails or busy talking to their colleague. I don’t expect them to help with my groceries but when you’re not busy instead of biting your nails or sharing gossip to your friend I would think a gentle gesture of customer service would be appropriate? No?

It’s not only in IGA, McDonald is not even better.  My husband and my kids whenever we feel like junk food we will go to McDonald drive through and we always make a bet whether the person who serves us will say the magic word thank you.  Three out of  ten won’t say that magic word.  What’s is so wrong with these people? They are dealing and serving customer, they are the mascot of their company or product.  Don’t they get proper training before?

I used to work in retail too so I know pretty much how to deal and handle customer properly.  Greeting customer and saying thank you are standard policy.  It’s not hard to say isn’t it or is it?!  Often in newspapers or magazines I read reviews about how bad customer service in Perth.  They are rude, unfriendly, cold, and no manner.  I do agree.  One day, couple friends from school and I went to our local cafe near the river.  We ordered our coffee/tea and cakes.  The waiter came and almost slightly threw our cake into the table  without smiling or say sorry that she almost gave our food to the seagulls nearby!   And again, the waiter was a young girl  about 17 or 18 years old.  One of my friend whose daughter works in the cafe, told me that they actually never get trained when they start the job.  Ahhh…no wonder!

But thank you is a very easy word to say and learn, even though you don’t get proper training you would think it’s common to say thank you to customer.  It’s sad that young people don’t even know about this.  Or maybe they don’t learn from home either? Remember we always say to our children to say thank you and please? What goes wrong here?  Or perhaps it’s the city life syndrome where people don’t care and too self-center? Will our kids generation be like that or even worse? It worries me….


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