on the fourth finger

” Where’s your wedding ring? Why don’t you put it on?”

“You don’t wear your wedding ring, why?”

  Those two sentences have become very familiar to me.  Some of my acquaintances  often asked me the same question whenever they see me without my wedding band.  At first, I would always answer politely that I forgot to put it on as I was in the hurry, or just completely forgot.  But sometimes this repeated question can be a little annoying and tiring.

So, what if I don’t have my wedding ring  on my finger? “Oh, because people will think that you’re not married and you can cheat” or ” You don’t put it on so you can flirt with the boys when you go out clubbing?”   *with a smirk smile* ……….

That what ring is for? So public will know that you are married and you can’t cheat.  If you have no ring you can flirt and sleep with anyone you like? Sad and poor judgment my friend.  Ring or no ring if a woman decides to cheat on her man it can happen anywhere anytime.  A wedding band is not guaranteed that you won’t cheat on your partner.  A ring is a symbol of commitment yes, but not a symbol of fidelity.  My husband never wears his ring because of the safety of his work, does it mean he can sleep with other woman? Does it mean he can cheat on me? If the measurement of marriage only based  on this subject, I think it’s pretty lame.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, that you promise to respect and love each other until death apart both of you.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you want without your better-half tagging along behind you, or you can’t go out having fun with your girlfriends anymore because you are a married woman.   Your faithfulness should not be define whether you have diamond ring wrap on your finger or not.  Infidelity often comes from fear, fear of insecurities about attractiveness, a need for approval or a problem in a relationship. Not because there’s  no ring on your fourth finger!

I’m married and I left my ring near the kitchen sink ( as I have to cook dinner  before I go out ) and forgot to put it on.  At the moment  I am enjoying nice dinner and drink with my girlfriends.  When I’m done having a bit of fun  I will come home to my lovely kids and sleep next to my snoring husband.


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