christmas is round the corner

It’s getting closer to Christmas, it’s less than a month!  How exciting! Or….rather headache for some? Well, I always love Christmas, from the preparation like hunting for Christmas presents, decorating the trees, until baking cookies it’s just one of that time in the year that give me feeling joyful and excitement.

Though I love buying Christmas presents for the loved ones, sometimes it gives me headache too.  I found it’s difficult to buy present for men and young children aged 7 years and above.  Babies and toddlers are easier. But young children, they don’t like any ‘kiddies toys’ or cute t-shirts with ‘kiddies’ prints on it ( I am talking about my own children particularly ) because they think they are not a child anymore (but also not yet a teenager!).  As for men, what else if it’s not socks, boxers, t-shirts/shirts, books, CDs…same thing every year *sigh* . Or do you have better idea than mine?

Anyhow this year I think I am doing pretty good with family Christmas presents.  After a long processed  I finally had decided on what to give to each family. Not only that, I have sent them couple days ago and probably they are all on the way to its destinations. For my dear friends and family who live in another continents, I just sent them personalized greeting cards and something little to company it.

Even though Christmas in my family tradition is giving and receiving presents, it’s not all about present.  And more important the presents that we give it is not an expensive ones let alone designer brands.  Nowadays people will spend fortune on Christmas presents which I think is a bit too much.  I suppose when one has more than enough to spend, why not indulge or spoil their loved ones or themselves with something fancy and luxury.  I can’t blame them.  There are lots of beautiful things out there in retail for customer to buy and enjoy.  So, why not?

I am not a good person and I don’t go to church every Sunday but in this special time of the year I am thinking about people who are not as lucky as myself who has roof under my head to protect me from this windy weather like tonight, more than enough clothes to wear, food and drink to stop my hunger and thirsty, and other stuff that I don’t really need to have.  I would prefer to give extra present for this people in need like; orphanage children, sick kids whose parents don’t have enough money for their treatment or medicine, homeless and old people who live alone without any closest relatives. Sometimes, they don’t always need money or food or material but maybe spare a little time with them, to listen and share the story is all they want!

Christmas is time to care more about other people as well as enjoy the festive season with your family by sharing nice meal, good times and be merry!

So, in the spirit of Christmas what are your essential festive season decorations, apart from presents that is?

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