it’s the most wonderful time of the year

77476056059281904_k6Ph6mmZ_cSummer is officially here!  Last night was pretty warm and today is 37 C oh my Lord! It  gives me headache when I went outside to hang my laundry! I do prefer winter weather in Australia than its dry scorching summer.

In the spirit of Christmas, if you notice, I put snow on this blog background 🙂 Just like to spread a little holiday cheer by having snow appear to fall on this site.  Though here in Australia we don’t have snow! And my background images will be based on this silly festive season too until the holiday is over.  Speaking of Christmas, have you all done your Christmas shopping?  Have you wrote and sent all those pretty Christmas cards to your loved ones? Have you been shopping for turkey, meats, fish, prawn, lobster if you’re having seafood for Christmas lunch, and all those yummy puddings, pavlova, trifles, you better start making your list by now 🙂  It is  less than three weeks til Joyeux Noël.  140807925820736825_7tNLcMm0_c

I am counting my days to the school holidays which is only another week or so.  And then we are off to Indonesia to spend Christmas with my mother and brother.  Meanwhile, I have concert, kids Christmas carols and parties to attend and barbie to host.  It keeps me occupied.  Cheers to freaking weekend everyone!  Don’t forget to slip, slap, and slop….it’s going to be hot!


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