[ road trip ] camping with kids

This is part two of our school holiday-extravaganza!  Yes, after a trip to Bali, my darling husband decided to spend his two weeks off bonding with his lovely sons and gorgeous wife.  He opted for road trip to down south.  As much as I would love to stay under the five star hotel or resort I was presented with camping at the caravan park under the blue sky or dark actually at night time, with a star 🙂


After we had organized who was going to look after all our animals, got stock up on food etc, checked the engine and tires of our Ute, as early as 5.30 am we were all up and off we went! It took about 5 hours or more to Bremer Bay.  Stopped at Williams for fuel and yummy pies, then Kataning to let the snot-gobblers ran wild at the cool park!


We arrived at Bremer Bay caravan park around two in the afternoon.  Took almost an hour more to set up our tents and other stuff.  Then we took a stroll along the beach before headed back to the camp to cook dinner.  First night, spring rolls for entree and some meats and sausages on barbie plus salad.  The caravan park is pretty good, shower is clean, hot water is hot and it’s free.  Unlike some caravan parks we have to put $2 coins for four minutes shower.







The next day we went fishing and exploring other beaches along the coast.  If the water wasn’t that cold I would love to swim.  We spent three days in Bremer Bay, more fishing, checking out the beaches, and just chill.  Second night, I cook chicken curry for dinner and pasta with tuna and basil pesto for the last night.  Pretty good, right?




The third night in Bremer we got hit by heavy rains and so windy. Thank God it happened around 4 in the morning but we were safe and dry inside our tents.  It wasn’t a nice day to pack up our gear at all.  I was glad that we left for Albany and checked in at the cabin. Dry and warm! Oh and television and WIFI! Hooray!

I love Albany.  I could live there.  It’s a pretty port city in the southern region of Western Australia.  We stayed for two nights and tried to squeezed as many point of interest as we could.  It’s just breathtaking and picturesque some of those national parks and bays.  It’s my first time to visit Albany, so I will be back for sure to explore more. 





My kids had lot of fun during this road trip.  They love the beach, they like to explore, to climb, to run wild, and being outdoor.  They also love museum and hot chocolate.  Since this is not their first road tripping and camping ( we did it a year ago here ) they get used to long drive and sleep in their own tents, then now they are older they can help us setting up and packing up the tents which is a good point.  What I need to train them more is to do the dishes after dinner!



This holiday life had to end.  School started last week.  Mister hubby back to work.  I am back flying solo again.  I hope you also had good break from school/work and got time to relax and re-charge.

Note: Point of interest in Albany, The Gap and Nature Bridge, Whale Word museum, Torndirrup National Park, Frenchman Bay, Two Peoples Bay, and many more


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