the day mums get breakfast made & served

Well, I don’t know about you but I had a good time yesterday. No, I didn’t get breakfast made and served in bed ( first because they forgot, second I hate eating in my bed ) in fact I had to make them quick breakfast before we headed to a footy game.  

While making their breakfast and a quick sip of coffee for me, I asked them where’s my Mother’s Day kisses and cuddles? T1 gasped and ran out quickly and came back with a big parcel wrapped in blue polka dots paper.  While T2, as always a cuddle and kissy person gave me big hugs and a wet kiss 🙂 I was presented with beautiful home made card that this year there were less spelling errors.  My T1 did himself painted and draw this cute fishy that I guess it resembles myself? I love it! It had been weeks that I wasn’t allowed to enter/clean his room because he was making something special for Mother’s Day.

Then someone knocked at the door, turned out it’s a delivery man with long brown box that says roses only.  It was really a sweet surprise from mister hubby, I didn’t expect him to do that.  How long ago since I got roses send to my door? Can’t even remember!  The roses are soft pink colored with a box of chocolate and a card.  The words are so sweet that make me teary eyes.

After the footy game the boys and I went to have lunch at my favorite place near the river.  While we were waiting for our meals to come, we saw dolphins dancing and swimming around very close to us.  I wasn’t quick enough to snap it! We had a wonderful meals and though the day was bit chilly but the sun was up. 

I love Mother’s Day, I feel special and spoilt and loved.  Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaries jobs, since the payment is pure love.  Although some days being a mother sucks that I‘d like to be an Aunt or just a good family friend 🙂. Those moments when they turn their nose up at dinner or complain that the day was ‘boring’, that they suck at footy or maths, all those things I’ve been given, but I won’t change my tittle and my job description as a mother. 

Motherhood is not an easy job.  Some of us received it as a surprise, some missed out completely, others had to go long and windy road. Whatever road you had gone through I hope you enjoyed your special day and it’s not about gift but to show love and appreciation to that one person who gave you life.

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