being a solo traveler

I am writing this at Changi International airport, waiting for my connecting flight to HongKong. I travel a lot lately. For pleasure and family purpose. From one airport to another. I get used to the hustle  and bustle of airport atmosphere. 

I love traveling. I love going on holiday with my family or just by myself. You might think I am weird, but I am a loner so it’s no problem for me eating by myself or noone to talk to. 

Taking a trip by myself can actually be empowering. I can set my own schedule, do the things I would like to do, and embark on my own personal adventures. Plus, I don’t have to worry about anyone other than myself. 

I don’t mind  traveling with friend/s too. Though I will feel sorry for them, because I can’t tolerate lazy and un-cooperative travel companion, and high maintenance ones. I travel on budget so I won’t stay at five star hotels and eating at expensive diner. I would love too, of course, if someone generous enough to pay for  me .

My accommodation is either a friend’s house or budget hotel as long as it has clean shower and toilette. I don’t want to spend a lot of money only for accommodation, unless you are in honeymoon where all you want just hole up in the nice cosy room with the man you love. Unfortunately the honeymoon stage had passed in my life cycle 🙂 Besides most of the time I will be out exploring so why have a posh room if I only use for sleeping mainly? 

Though I like holidaying with my family, but sometimes it’s nice to travel just by myself. To get out of that mummy uniform and just become myself. No kids tagging along, no husband nagging. For a short period it’s just nice to have myself for myself. Being away from my little family makes me appreciate for what I have and when I am back I am fully recharged to be a better mother and wife. 

Make sure before you go, you book your accommodation ahead and if you stay with your friend to let her/him  know your arrival date and/or itinerary at least a week before. Buy a map or Lonely Planet book of your destination. It packs with lot information and good advice. 

In general, common sense will take you as far as you will need to go. Listen to your gut, if you feel unsafe follow your instincts. That voice inside your head is usually right. Don’t be afraid to ask people if you get lost or not sure about something.  They won’t bite, just probably will stare at you longer than they should.  

Having fun and drinking is alright on vacation but try to limit your alcohol intake. Being drunk with trusted friend who  can take you home is one thing.  But when you are alone in an unfamiliar place, trust nobody but yourself. 

Last but not least just enjoy your time. Make friends if there’s a chance and stay safe. 



Gotta go now. I have flight to catch! 



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