[ travel ] hongkong and macau in photographs


As part of my “mumsy annual leave” this year I opted to go to Hong Kong ( and Macau ).  Why Hong Kong? I’ve never been to Hong Kong before, only couple times in transit on the way to somewhere else, but that was it.  So, I wanted to explore a bit of this high polluted city and I heard the shopping is pretty amazing!

For the first two days I stayed in Wanchai area at WiFi Boutique Hotel.  I do recommend this hotel.  It’s not five-star and post.  But for budget traveler like myself, I find every thing I need in this hotel. The room is small, but very clean and the facility is pretty good.  Television, Ipod dock, microwave, small fridge, coffee and tea maker, hair dryer are provided.  I didn’t have a nice view over looking my window, but hey…you can have lot of pretty views around Hong Kong itself when you are exploring.  The hotel location is closer to train station, bus and trams and shopping center and thousands of restaurant.  You won’t be worried of feeling hungry at all!


A view from the cable car on the way to Lantau Island




The Big Budha


A view from my bedroom window

The rest of my time in Hong Kong I stayed at my girlfriend’s apartment which is in Tung Chung area closer to Disney resort and airport.  My girlfriend took me to an authentic Thai restaurant in Wanchai area for lunch, and oh my Lord….it was so delicious and cheap!  The restaurant itself doesn’t have a name and it locates on the third floor of an office/apartment building, it isn’t obvious for tourist like me but so famous amongst the local.  That’s why  I liked having someone who knew the area, who wouldn’t just recommend where the tourist go and more!


On the boat to a fishing village


Tai O Fishing Village


Hong Kong is a pretty busy city with sky scrapers and shopping malls and/or markets almost scattered every where.  Even for shopaholic like myself, I feel suffocated and over whelmed by the amount of shops and people in Hong Kong.  I can’t believe every malls or shops are jammed pack with people!  Is the price much cheaper? I don’t think so either.  So why so many people are actually  ‘buying’ stuff not only ‘window shopping’??! My friend told me that lot of people from China ( or the local called Main Land) are rich so they go to Hong Kong for their retail therapy.  Oh la la!


A view from the Peak Tower


The old tram will bring you up to the Peak

I also went to Macau which only took an hour by ferry from Hong Kong.  There was a little incident occurred between “blonde” me and the ticketing officer at the ferry terminal.  I had to admit that I didn’t know that Macau is not part of Hong Kong but China,  so therefore you need to have proper document i.e passport to travel to Macau.  I bought a ticket and ready to depart the ferry when I was asked at the immigration section where was my passport? What Passport? But I only wanted to go to Macau?! Yes, Mrs. Blonde you need passport to go to Macau because it’s a different country! Doooh!!!  So yeahhhh….a bit embarrassing experience!  I didn’t board the ferry that day but I came back the next day with my PASSPORT! 🙂








the ruin of St. Paul




casino building

I love Macau more than Hong Kong.  It’s a little town with it’s unique history and super posh casino buildings.  Before Macau is taken by China, it was colonized by Portuguese that’s why the streets name are mostly written in three languages: Portuguese, Chinese, and English.  Thus some of the old buildings have the Mediterranean style which is so interesting and pretty.  Some of the streets are cobbled stone and long and winded too.

Well, I had a great time and I had ticked one of many of my wish-list! 🙂

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