this mama life


This winter is very dry, we don’t get so much rain so far.  This winter I have been very lazy and being so much couch potato.  Somehow I feel depressed but not sure why.  Maybe not depressed just a bit low and frustrated.  Yeah, I am still figuring out what I want to do in term of job.  I have to admit I haven’t look around much, not yet anyway.  I have one or two things that I have to finish first before seriously looking for work.  Which I am not sure what kind of jobs will suit my situation and condition at the moment.

But, that should not be the reason I am being so lazy!  Life is about making choice, so I decided not to dwell on small things and make the best of all my situation.  Yes sometimes it’s so mundane and dull, but life can’t be always bright and shine right? Thus, I have my two precious boys that can be handful at times but they keep me sane, though sometimes they can drive me nut too.




This week I started my routine again walking our dog along the foreshore, yoga, and pump class.  Gotta beat this winter blues! And it did me good, I feel better about myself , I am baking and making stuff.

Yesterday was the last day of school, welcome to two weeks off making lunch box and I am so looking forward to sleep ins!  What do you have planned for this school holidays? Are you going somewhere warm and tropical? Or just relaxing at home while enjoying a warm cuppa?  I know it’s hard to relax when the kids are 24/7 around! 🙂  Whatever you do I hope you have a beautiful week-end and keep warm!



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