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Chinta means love in Indonesia, its original from cinta.  And I do love this shop and café!  I love the vibrant color and texture and the atmosphere.  You either can shop around the pretty temptation home-wares range and accessories or you can sit back at the cosy back yard with some delicious food and/or cake and coffee.  The owner and staff at Chinta are very friendly and helpful make you feel like you are at the comfort of your own backyard!

This is my dream shop, where people can come enjoying the food while they also can shop for pretty bric-à-brac either for themselves or presents for someone special. One day, hopefully, my dream will come true….

Chinta opens everyday from Monday to Sunday 8.30 until 4.30.  It’s in 251 Scarborough Beach Rd, Doubleview.

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Hi I'm Ria! I'm a mama, wife, and a little crazy :) I like eating chocolate, baking, and taking photos of pretty things. This is a personal blog. Mostly I'm rambling about my every day life as a mama, wife, & human being, sharing my home cooking recipes, my travel, and a bit of fashion and beauty. Thanks for dropping by here and happy reading! xx

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