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IMG_4113It’s been a while since my last posting.  I’ve been pretty busy juggling school holidays activities and life in general.  One good think, my mother is visiting us so I can get little help in the laundry department.  Bye bye washing and ironing….well for a while at least!

It’s still spring here but more likely the weather feels like winter.  Couple sunny days and then rainy and windy and cold days again.  I am longing for summer where I can wear short and tank top and flip-flop.  Then summer in Australia can be so harsh and so dry and when the temperature hits 40 degree I want winter back again! 🙂 Oh…well, me being a humane being :p

I have an exciting news to share.  I finally managed to have my online store on.  It’s still pretty simple and perhaps not as flashy as other online shops you ever know.  I am still working on it, to make my website working properly though it would take time and….money.  Yes, I realized it’s not cheap to have proper online website.  My online shop is called Bloom and Belle.  Why I called it Bloom and Belle? Because it starts right in spring time here in Australia where all the flowers are blooming and they are all looking so gorgeous and colorful ——> belle, got it?

Bloom and Belle is focused on handmade jewelry and handbag.  It’s made with love and care and I am working together with my dear friend from college.  She’s very talented and artistic.  Every pieces of jewelry is handmade and our design is unique so you won’t find similar products out in the market.  I love for everyone who buys my jewelry and/or bag to feel special. You can find Bloom and Belle on the Facebook page as Bloom and Belle.  You either can place your order through Facebook page or my website by emailing me.  So, please check out Bloom and Belle.  I am looking forward to more order please 🙂  For Perthians, remember to shop and support local! 🙂

I have always dream to have my own little shop.  I have been thinking about this for so long.  Too long perhaps!  Eventually, I had enough courage and started organizing.  This online shop is my first little step to get closer to my big dream.  I know it’s still very baby step and lot more to do.  But at least I have tried so I won’t have any regrets in the future.  I won’t have to say, “I wish I had done that” .  If I fail then it’s OK because I have done it and tried my best.


So, wish me luck everyone and give me your support and love.


2 responses to “this mama life”

  1. Maureen@ScoopsofJoy Avatar

    How exciting!
    Wishing you and your business plenty of success, Ria 🙂


  2. Thanks Maureen😘😘


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